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Electric + Gas = An Empowered Drive

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Imagine only hitting the gas station once a month. A fantasy? Far from it. In fact, Volt drivers who charge regularly are averaging 900 miles, or about a month between fill-ups.

With the extended range Volt, you don’t have to choose between electric or gas. You have the option of both. First is the advanced lithium–ion battery that allows you to drive gas-free for an EPA-estimated 38 miles. But Volt doesn’t stop there.

There’s also an onboard gas generator that produces electricity so you can travel a total of 380 miles on a full charge and full tank of gas. Now that’s long-range savings.

Volt owners have already driven 100,000,000 EV miles. That means saving gallons of gas and making a difference for the environment. Add the 273 lb.–ft. of low–end torque performance, stylish good looks, and all the high-tech amenities and you get a better understanding on how Volt is changing the way we drive.

Want to learn more about how Volt works? Our FAQ section has the story, including a video of how Volt went from concept to reality.

Volt is available at participating dealers.

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Awards & Accolades

“Highest Ranked in Initial Quality for Midsize Sporty Car (tie), Large Car, Large CUV, Large Heavy Duty Pickup, Large Light Duty Pickup (tie)”

Chevrolet Has Received More 2013 J.D. Power Initial Quality Awards Than Any Other Automotive Brand. These results highlight Chevrolet’s commitment to quality. Customers want inventive designs, advanced features, exhilarating performance and great quality-without any sacrifices. At Chevrolet, quality is at the center of every decision that affects the development of every vehicle.

The Running Numbers

From total miles and electric miles driven to gallons of fuel saved, Volt owners are hitting milestones that help make them the happiest drivers on the planet. Meet some of the owners behind the data and get an idea for just how monumental these numbers are with the interactive infographic below.



Advanced Technology. Really Advanced.

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  • Volt is loaded with the latest technology, including push-button start and a 7-inch diagonal touch-screen.
  • Communicate with your 2013 Chevrolet Volt using your smartphone.
    Check your battery charge or get an alert when a charge is complete through the OnStar® RemoteLink mobile app.
  • The 2013 Volt lithium ion battery pack shown in Chevrolet’s advanced battery lab.
    The 2013 Volt lithium-ion battery pack shown in Chevrolet’s advanced battery lab.
  • Stream your music, charge your phone and stay connected on the go with the standard USB port.
  • Charge the 2013 Chevrolet Volt anywhere using a 120-volt cord.
    Charging Volt is easy. Plug it into a 120V electrical outlet using the included portable charging unit.
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Technology that’s Intuitive for Drivers

If you can drive, you can drive a Volt. Instead of turning a key, you push a blue button. Rather than looking at dials and needles, you check two interactive LCD screens for feedback based on your particular driving style.

The screens allow you to learn how to get the most out of each charge. For example, suppose you want to go from A to B in the most efficient manner possible. Volt is programmed to respond with a choice of four driving modes. Normal mode enables Volt to drive like a conventional car, only more efficiently. Sport mode gives drivers more aggressive feedback and heightened response. Mountain mode maintains a power reserve for climbing long, steep grades.

2012 Chevy Volt Electric Car 120V charging option

Available 240V Charger

And it doesn’t stop there. New for 2013 is the addition of Hold mode, which allows you to hold your battery charge in reserve. This is ideal for commuters who start their route on the highway and want to save their charge for when they hit stop-and-go city traffic. It’s another way we’re giving you even more options for choosing how you use energy in your Volt.

Even the seemingly simple act of braking has been taken to the next level. Regenerative Braking is a process that captures some of the energy normally lost during braking, converting it to electricity that’s stored in the battery.

Watch the video to learn How Volt Works.

Charging for About $1.60 per Day

It doesn’t get much simpler than that. For less than the cost of a latte, you can fully charge your Volt and drive an EPA-estimated 38 miles gas-free. Choose a standard 120V charging unit that allows you to plug into an electrical outlet and fully charge the battery in about 10 to 16 hours, based on charging levels and outside temperature. Or opt for an available 240V charging station that reduces your charging time to approximately four hours. Professional installation required. For more information, visit Bosch Automotive Service Solutions.

Chevrolet MyLink

Volt comes with all of the technology you expect from a game changer. Amenities like the Chevrolet MyLink™ Radio with 7-inch diagonal color display touch screen that lets you easily navigate through an amazing array of information and entertainment options. Bring Pandora® , Stitcher SmartRadio™ and Gracenote® along for the ride. Chevrolet MyLink also allows streaming audio content from select smart phones to converge on the color touch-screen display.

Learn more about MyLink

Satellite Radio

Enjoy commercial-free music, sports, news and talk, comedy and family programming from coast to coast. Volt offers three trial months of SiriusXM Satellite Radio standard. See channel listings and more info.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Get visual and voice-guided directions via Turn-by-Turn Navigation, standard for three years with OnStar Directions & Connections®. You can even create a navigation course from MapQuest® through eNav™. Simply send that information to your Volt and access those directions on your MyLink™ Radio with 7-inch diagonal color touch screen when you get in the cockpit.

Take a complete tour of OnStar capabilities.

Three apps to connect with your Volt

Volt Driver Challenge

It’s more than an app – it’s a community of Volt owners engaged in friendly competition. You can track the efficiency of your Volt and set goals to maximize it. Then one-up other Volt drivers to earn achievements, scorecards and a spot on the leaderboards. Better yet, it’s all in the name of gallons saved. Read more.

Download it now from the App Store or Google Play.

OnStar RemoteLink™

Take charge of your battery. The OnStar RemoteLink™ mobile app shows the battery level and charge mode of your Volt –120V or 240V – right on your smartphone. You’ll be able to remotely verify that your Volt is plugged in, schedule a future charging time and receive charge alerts. Beyond the battery, this app also lets you lock or unlock, or remotely start your Volt from anywhere. Read more.

Download it now from the App Store or Google Play.

To further connect your Volt through OnStar®, go to MyVolt.com.


Download the myChevrolet app to add convenience to your day – like the ability to easily find your Volt on the parking reminders map or get roadside assistance when you need it. You also get fast access to your Owner’s Manual, and you can schedule a service appointment from the comfort of your couch, or wherever the day takes you. Read more.

Download it now from the App Store or Google Play.

Performance — Instant Torque @ Zero

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  • Enjoy the smooth and seamless acceleration of instant torque.
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Give Gas a Run for Its Money

The connection is direct: head, right foot, motor, power. Without a traditional transmission, 273 lb.-ft. of low-end torque has nowhere to go except to the tires and pavement. This helps explain why a vehicle with an electric propulsion system can feel so powerful and exhilarating. No wonder Volt has the ability to reach a test-track speed of 100 mph. There’s the smooth whisper-like quiet ride, perfect for expressing your astonishment. Out loud, of course.

Driving Force

A 16.5 kWh T-shaped lithium-ion battery pack powers Volt for an EPA-estimated 38 miles on a full charge. If you also have a full tank of gas, the total driving range is up to 380 miles. It’s electric when you want it, gas when you need it. If the battery runs low, you don’t have to worry because Volt automatically transitions to a unique gasoline powered range-extending capability.

Even if you never use it, you know you’ve got a backup plan. Chevy puts the same kind of confidence behind our 8-year/100,000-mile Battery and Voltec Component Limited Warranty.

Efficiency gauge

Enhance efficiency. Have a ball. Simply keep the ball green and in the center of the gauge to enjoy optimal battery efficiency.

Bose Premium Audio logo

Bose® Energy-Efficient Series Speaker System

Hear this. Get incredible sound from an available seven-speaker Bose® audio system with subwoofer that’s 30% smaller, 40% lighter and uses 50% less energy than comparable Bose® systems.

2012 Chevy Volt Electric Car featuring Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max tires

Goodyear® Assurance® Fuel Max® Tires

Reduce friction. Drive on specialized Goodyear low rolling resistance tires and get up to one additional all-electric mile when compared to ordinary tires.

Safety — Another Way Volt Goes the Extra Mile

Building on a Safety Philosophy that Runs Deep

The 2013 Volt received a 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score for safety from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and was named a 2012 Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. When it comes to safety, these are coveted accolades.

2012 Chevy Volt Electric Car with OnStar Safety Features
2012 Chevy Volt Electric Car featuring 8 standard airbags

Cameras, Sensors and Helpful Alerts

Your drive begins with the aid of an available rear-vision camera system that alerts drivers to certain obstacles when driving in reverse at low speeds. Drivers can also activate an audible alert that helps caution pedestrians who may not hear Volt approaching at low speeds.

But Volt doesn’t stop there. In 2013 Volt boasts two new available safety systems. First is Forward Collision Alert which uses a forward-facing camera to alert you of slowing vehicles to help avoid or lessen the damage caused by collisions. There's also the new available Lane Departure Warning that monitors lane markings for drivers and warns them if they are drifting out of their lane.

Lastly, there is the confidence of the StabiliTrak® Electronic Stability Control System with Traction Control that is designed to help keep you on your intended course.

Eight Standard Air Bags

If a moderate to severe collision occurs, Volt is designed to respond instantly with eight standard air bags—including head-curtain side-impact air bags for outboard front and rear occupants, plus frontal side-impact and knee air bags for the driver and front passenger. Meanwhile, the cabin is reinforced with high-strength steel throughout. But our protective measures don’t end there.

OnStar® Automatic Crash Response

Should a collision occur, crucial information can be automatically relayed to the OnStar® Command Center via OnStar® Automatic Crash Response. There, trained OnStar Advisors utilize GPS technology to pinpoint your exact location and can request that assistance be sent right away—even if you’re unable to respond. OnStar is standard for three years.

Read more about Chevy vehicle safety.

Advanced Never Looked So Good

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  • With instant torque and a top speed of 100 mph on the test track, Volt is more car than electric.
  • The 2013 Volt shown in Viridian Joule (extra-cost color).
  • The 2013 Chevrolet Volt perfected after hundreds of hours of aerodynamic testing.
    Every exterior element was optimized for efficiency after hundreds of hours of testing in the wind tunnel.
  • The 2013 Volt shown in Viridian Joule (extra-cost color).
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All-Over Aerodynamic Aesthetics

Chevy designers constantly talk about form and function but when it comes to Volt, Director of Design Bob Boniface will tell you that they didn’t compromise aesthetics to enable function. The result? A vehicle that looks sporty, quick, smooth and modern, yet achieves an extremely low coefficient of drag.

Countless hours in the wind tunnel influenced the styling of many exterior components including mirrors, a closed grille, rocker panels and the rear spoiler. In fact, the vertical blades that go from the bottom of the spoiler to the bottom of the bumper were designed specifically to trick the air into separating from the bumper more quickly, giving Volt extraordinary aerodynamics.

Another Spin on Styling

Make a smart statement with available 17-inch polished aluminum wheels. Or choose available 17-inch sport alloy wheels with black insets, which come with the option for dealer-installed inserts available in Silver Ice Metallic or Cyber Gray Metallic.

Welcome to Your High-Tech, High-Style Cabin

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  • Sleek interior accents and available leather-appointed heated front seats invite you to enjoy the drive.
  • Volt's unique interior includes available leather-appointed bucket seating for four passengers.
  • Lower the split-folding rear seats for maximum versatility and cargo space.
  • Loaded with convenient storage compartments, Volt is resourceful in more ways than one.
  • The 2013 Chevrolet Volt features steering wheel mounted controls.
    Loaded with convenient storage compartments, Volt is resourceful in more ways than one.
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Display Advanced Thinking

Inside the cockpit you’ll discover new technology that empowers your driving experience like never before. Two interactive color LCD screens allow you to monitor information and get efficiency feedback based on your driving style. You can even set up your Volt to make the most of charging times. If rates are lower at certain times of the day or night your Volt can be scheduled to charge only when the price is right. Electricity costs vary, so check with your provider for your rates and to determine the best time to charge your Volt.

Space Surprises

Just like the exterior, Volt has an interior with a flow of its own. A unique design incorporates a full center console with sporty bucket seats for four. Cup holders, storage bins, door panel storage, cargo space—10.6 cubic feet to be exact—all the things you’d expect are there. What you don’t expect is a dedicated umbrella pocket and another storage area for the standard 120V charging cord.

New in 2013 is the available Comfort Package that includes heated front cloth seats and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. Or step up to the Premium Trim Package that adds leather-appointed seat trim, heated front seats and a rear seat center armrest.

Insert Your Style

Volt offers a number of striking interior color combinations. Choose between available Jet Black leather-appointed seats with Ceramic White or Spice Red inserts, or Pebble Beige leather-appointed seats with suede inserts. See the complete list of features and specs.

How Sustainable is the Volt?

Check out its “Ecologic” Features. Here at Chevrolet, we believe in being a responsible steward of our environment. Recently, we’ve developed a new way to communicate some of the environmentally significant features of each vehicle we make. We call it “Ecologic.”

Every aspect of Ecologic is audited by Two Tomorrows, an independent third party sustainability auditor. To learn more about Ecologic and the Two Tomorrows’ process, click here.

Fuel-Saving Technologies

The Volt uses stored electricity to initially propel the vehicle and has a gas-powered range extender that activates when battery power is depleted. When needed, the gas-powered range extender allows the vehicle to travel hundreds of additional miles. Regenerative braking recaptures the energy of the car’s forward motion and converts it into electricity. By recycling some of the energy generated from braking, the battery is supplied with recaptured energy without producing additional emissions.

Low rolling resistance tires lessen the energy needed to keep the Volt moving, which improves fuel economy. Electric power steering uses an electric motor instead of an engine-driven belt, which results in a lighter overall workload and better fuel economy. The gas-powered range extender has been factory-filled with engine oil meeting GM's new dexos™ specification, which has improved viscosity characteristics as compared to the previous GF-4 oil, contributing to better fuel economy.

Responsible Manufacturing

The assembly facility features one of the largest photovoltaic solar arrays in Southeast Michigan at 516 kilowatts. This renewable energy conserves resources and lessens dependence on fossil fuels. The engine, transmission and battery facilities are landfill-free. These facilities use a process to reuse, recycle or convert to energy all waste created in their daily operations, which conserves resources.

The Detroit-Hamtramck, MI, assembly facility features a designated habitat area certified by the Wildlife Habitat Council, which provides ecological benefits. The facility features a 20kW solar carport with 10 electric vehicle charging systems, which helps conserve resources and lessen dependence on fossil fuels.

End-of-Life Recyclability

After the vehicle’s useful life, 85% of it is recyclable. The majority of its components can be broken down and recycled, which conserves resources and reduces landfill deposits.

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  • 2 10 Visit onstar.com for coverage map, details and system limitations. Services vary by model and conditions. OnStar acts as a link to existing emergency service providers.
  • 3 Volt 3 Requires Android or iPhone platform.
  • 4 9 If you subscribe after your trial period, subscriptions are continuous until you call SiriusXM to cancel. See SiriusXM Customer Agreement for complete terms at www.siriusxm.com. Other fees and taxes will apply. All fees and programming subject to change. XM satellite service is available only in the 48 contiguous United States and Washington, D.C. Sirius, XM and all related marks and logos are trademarks of SiriusXM Radio Inc.
  • 5 Volt 2 Requires Android or iPhone platform and active OnStar subscription, which is included for three years.
  • 6 13 Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution
  • 7 12 Whichever comes first. See dealer for limited warranty details.
  • 8 Tech photo 4 Not compatible with all devices.
  • 9 6 Available on select iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices. Services vary by phone, vehicle and conditions. Requires active OnStar subscription which is standard for the first three years.
  • 10 20 Using the portable 120V charge cord will take approximately 16 hours at the 8-amp default setting, and can be reduced to 10 hours at the 12-amp setting.
  • 12 5 Based on national average of 12 cents per kWh and 13.2 kWh for a full charge ($1.58). Electricity costs vary. Check with your provider for your rates.
  • 13 18 Included in Enhanced Safety Package 2 which requires available Enhanced Safety Package 1.
  • 14 †† EPA-estimated 38-mile all-electric range based on 98 MPGe (electric); 35 MPG city/40 highway (gas). Actual mileage may vary.
  • 15 8 MyLink functionality varies by model. Full functionality requires compatible Bluetooth and smartphone, and USB connectivity for some devices.
  • 16 Volt 4 Available on select iPhone and Android devices. Services vary by phone, vehicle and conditions. Requires active OnStar subscription, which is standard for the first three years.
  • 17 16 Air bag inflation can cause severe injury or death to anyone too close to the bag when it deploys. Be sure every occupant is properly restrained.
  • 18 15 Government 5-Star Safety Ratings are part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) New Car Assessment Program.
  • 19 4 EPA-estimated on 98 MPGe (electric); 35 MPG city/40 highway (gas). Actual range varies with conditions.
  • 20 tech photo 5 Using the portable 120-volt charge cord will take approximately 16 hours at the 8 amp default setting, and can be reduced to 10 hours at the 12 amp setting once the electrical circuit and outlet have been inspected by a qualified electrician. 12 Amps may stress the home’s electrical system, more so than most home electrical appliances. Use the lower charge level until your electrical system and outlet capacity have been inspected by a licensed electrician.