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    THE 2015 CAMARO Z/28

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  • Silver Ice Metallic
  • Summit White
  • Black
  • Ashen Gray Metallic
  • Red Hot
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  • 19"
  • 19" x 11" front and 19" x 11.5" rear forged aluminum wheels
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  • leather
  • Black, Front leather seating surfaces with sueded microfiber inserts
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Naturally Aspirated

Naturally Aspirated
LS7 V8 Engine

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A combination of an impressive pedigree with cutting-edge modern racing technology, Z/28 is back and ready to take on the track.

The legendary Camaro Z/28 is back. Originally introduced in 1967, Camaro Z/28 was designed specifically to compete in the Sports Car Club of America’s Trans-Am 2 class. Lightweight, nimble and incredibly powerful, the original Z/28 was built to rule the road racing circuit. The 2015 Camaro Z/28 track car carries the same racing credentials, incorporating a performance-first design philosophy that takes advantage of state-of-the-art, race-proven technology. Put simply, the Z/28 is designed to dominate the track, lap after lap.

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The fifth-generation Camaro continues to dominate it’s compeition, while the all-new 2016 Camaro prepares for launch.


2015 Camaro Z28 Track Car: 1.08G
2015 Camaro Z28 Track Car Brembo Brakes
2015 Camaro Z28 Track Car Weight


Purposeful chassis upgrades, advanced aerodynamics and the grip of Pirelli® PZero Trofeo tires help to keep the Z/28 glued to the track, enabling 1.08 g in cornering grip.


Brembo® carbon-ceramic brakes provide up to 1.5 g deceleration and limit brake fade to enhance driver confidence lap after lap.


Z/28 has been made lighter throughout. From the lightweight LS7 engine to an ultra-thin rear window and stripped-down rear seat, Z/28 weighs 300 lbs. less than ZL1.




Nürburgring Lap Time

Watch Z/28 run a scorching lap around the Nürburgring in 7:37.47 in inclement weather.

2015 Camaro Z28 Track Car Nurburgring


Camaro Z28 Track Car

A precise instrument of the track

The Camaro Z/28 track car features a number of suspension enhancements that help provide unmatched control and grip around the track. Stiffer front and rear control arm bushings, increased spring rates and specifically tuned anti-roll bars are all optimized for the demands of the specific wheel and tire package and lower center of gravity. The result is maximum grip during intense braking, acceleration and cornering.

2015 Camaro Z28 Track Car Dampers

Customized control

Z/28 is designed to excel on road courses, and Performance Traction Management helps achieve just that. With five driver modes to choose from, this system adjusts to just about any driver capability or road course condition. Working in tandem with the uniquely tuned Z/28 chassis and dampers, Performance Traction Management delivers unparalleled vehicle control.




2015 Camaro Z28 Track Car Quote

Race-proven dampers

Dynamic Suspension Spool Valve (DSSV®) dampers are the stuff of racing championships, which is precisely why they’ve been added to Z/28. Revolutionary in design, spool valve dampers are factory-tuned and feature independent control of high- and low-speed compression and rebound, providing stiffness without affecting ride comfort. Developed by Multimatic, the techniques used to achieve this impressive vehicle control were derived from various areas of motorsports, including F1 racing, making Z/28 the first volume production road car to feature this advanced technology.

MODE 1 - Wet
Active Handling On

Intended for drivers of all skill levels on a wet or damp track surface (not intended for heavy rain or standing water). Active Handling is on and engine power is reduced based
on conditions.

MODE 2 - Dry
Active Handling On

For use by less experienced drivers or for more skilled drivers learning a new track. Dry conditions only. Active Handling is on and engine power is slightly reduced.

MODE 3 - Sport
Active Handling On

For use by drivers already familiar with a particular track. Dry conditions only. Requires more driving skill than Mode 2. Active Handling is off and available engine power is slightly reduced.

MODE 4 - Sport
Active Handling Off

For use by skilled drivers who are already familiar with a particular track. Dry conditions only. Requires more driver experience than Modes 2 and 3. Active Handling is off and available engine power is still limited to match
Mode 3.

MODE 5 - Race
Active Handling Off

Requires more driving skill than in other modes. For use by experienced drivers who are familiar with a particular track. Dry conditions only. Active Handling is off and engine power is available for maximum cornering speed.


2015 Camaro Z28 Track Car PTM
2014 Camaro Z28 Track Car Engine

Engineered to perform

A hand-assembled 7.0L LS7 engine is the heart of Camaro Z/28, boasting an incredible 505 horsepower and 481 lb.-ft. of torque, making it the most powerful normally aspirated regular production GM small block V8 ever.

Co-developed with Corvette Racing, the LS7 uses lightweight racing-quality components like titanium intake valves and connecting rods to ensure high performance and durability, even when redlining at 7000 rpm. The racing-style cold air induction system and large K&N air filter and standard dual-mode exhaust system maximize airflow, torque and sound generated by the LS7 engine. A 10.5-quart dry-sump oiling system distributes pressurized oil to protect engine components during high-g driving conditions, ensuring consistent, reliable performance.

Performance Traction Management

If you’re on the race track and all four wheels of your Z/28 leave the ground during certain conditions, ride height sensors are enabled that temporarily disable traction control so that when the car lands it is still at full power, for the quickest possible lap times.



2015 Camaro Z28 Track Car Performance



2015 Camaro Z28 Track Car Transmission

Limited-slip, unlimited grip

When you’re fitted with the most powerful naturally aspirated regular production GM small block V8 ever, you need components that keep your lines tight and the rubber on the road. The high-performance helical limited-slip differential (LSD) utilized by Z/28 helps do just that. Featuring a concentric helical gearset that allows continuous torque biasing, this high-performance LSD enables responsive corner entry, maximizes traction through the turn and provides quick acceleration on corner exit. In short, the limited-slip differential featured on Z/28 is perfect for road racing, lowering lap times on every lap.

Track-capable cooling

Camaro Z/28 comes off the showroom floor with a road course-capable cooling system. An integral liquid-to-liquid engine oil cooler helps keep things cool under intense conditions. A second, unique liquid-to-liquid system provides cooling for the transmission and differential, reducing differential temperatures as much as 100° F, maintaining cool, stable performance in the most intense road racing conditions.

A perfect pairing

Camaro Z/28 is offered exclusively with a TREMEC® TR6060 aluminum 6-speed manual transmission that features close-ratio gearing and a 3.91:1 final gear ratio that’s optimized for the unique power characteristics of the LS7 engine. This precise tuning delivers great driving feel, with short throws and little to no shift vibration.

Phases of a Corner

  1. Upon deceleration into turn, rear wheels go into a reduced coupled mode to minimize understeer.
  2. At mid corner the left and right wheels are fully decoupled which maximizes mid corner speed.
  3. As driver begins to accelerate, torque is strongly transferred to the outside wheel to maximize corner exit speed.


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    2015 Camaro Z/28 shown in Summit White is born to be a functional instrument of the track.
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    Functional carbon fiber hood extractor removes hot underhood air and helps reduce lift.
  • Camaro Z28 Track Car Exterior 3
    Camaro Z/28 in Summit White has advanced aerodynamics designed to produce incredible downforce.
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The 2015 Camaro Z/28 track car was born to be a precision instrument on the track, utilizing decades of racing innovation and ingenuity. Every single element of the exterior is designed with performance in mind, while forming an aggressive and unique style.

Camaro Z28 Track Car Exterior 4

Aerodynamically advanced

Z/28 attains the highest level of aerodynamic performance ever achieved in the history of Camaro. Carefully engineered aerodynamic elements help Z/28 produce an incredible 410 lbs. more downforce than Camaro SS at 150 mph. An exclusive, aggressively styled rear spoiler and large splitter help achieve such downforce and a hood air extractor helps cool the engine while also contributing to the overall track performance of Z/28. An optional adjustable rear wickerbill tops off this impressive aerodynamic package, when equipped.


Camaro Z28 Track Car Exterior 5
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    Brembo® Carbon Ceramic Matrix™ brakes give Camaro Z/28 incredible stopping power.
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Incredible stopping power

Camaro Z/28 features Brembo® Carbon Ceramic-Matrix™ rotors and fixed, monobloc calipers like those used on high-performance supercars. The huge 394 mm x 36 mm front rotors are paired with 6-piston calipers, while the 390 mm x 32 mm rear rotors are paired with 4-piston calipers, helping to save even more weight. The combination of tire grip and braking power enables Camaro Z/28 to achieve 1.5 g in deceleration, and standard front brake cooling ducts allow for continuous track use.

Reinventing the wheel

Smaller 19-inch aluminum wheels and high-performance summer-only tires found on Z/28 reduce weight and contribute to lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity by 33 millimeters compared to the 20-inch wheels found standard on Camaro SS. These tires are also 42 lbs. lighter per car than the tires on Camaro SS.

The lightweight, forged aluminum wheels are wrapped in massive Pirelli® PZero® Trofeo R 305/30ZR19 tires – the widest front tire offered in its class.

Camaro Z28 Track Car Exterior 7


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  • Camaro Z28 Track Car Interior 1
    Flat bottom steering wheel and short throw shifter are wrapped in sueded microfiber
  • Camaro Z28 Track Car Interior 2
    Z/28 interior features race-inspired flat-bottom steering wheel for easier heel-toe shifting
  • Camaro Z28 Track Car Interior 3
    Camaro Z/28 interior features backlit gauges with digital speed display and 7000 rpm redline.
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The perfect cockpit

A matte finish sets the tone for the race-ready interior of Camaro Z/28. All-new RECARO® driver and front passenger seats feature sueded microfiber inserts and seat cutouts that are inspired by the five-point harnesses found on racing seats to provide comfort and performance. Aggressive bolsters ensure both driver and passenger remain in place during high-performance driving. A flat bottom steering wheel increases legroom for easier entry and exit as well as quicker heel/toe shifting and a short-throw shifter allows for rapid, confident shifting.

Every ounce matters

The interior of Z/28 was also created with weight savings in mind. The front seats incorporate manual adjustment to reduce weight. Rear seats have also been made lighter by eliminating the seatback pass-through as well as using high-density foam in place of a traditional rigid structure. Air conditioning is optional and only one speaker is included for the door chime in order to shave every ounce of weight from this road racing machine.

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  • Camaro Z28 Track Car Interior 4
    RECARO® front seats feature large side bolsters to keep you firmly in place during aggressive driving.
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Camaro Z28 Track Car Safety

Air bags

In the event of a collision, six standard air bags help provide protection. The safety cage using ultra-high-strength steel helps preserve occupant space.

Safely in control

Standard on every Camaro, antilock brakes and the StabiliTrak® Electronic Stability Control System with Traction Control help you keep in control during emergency maneuvers. The StabiliTrak control module compares your steering input with the vehicle’s actual response and, if necessary, activates the brakes to help you keep on track.



Compete Care


Chevrolet Complete Care is our commitment to ensure your satisfaction with the excellent service and support you would expect when purchasing or leasing a Chevrolet.

  • We’ve got you covered through comprehensive warranty programs, 2 years or 24,000 miles of included scheduled  maintenance and 5 years or 100,000 miles of roadside assistance with courtesy transportation.
  • You’re more connected than ever with: 5 years of the standard OnStar® Basic Plan and 6 months of OnStar Directions & Connections.

See for yourself how Chevrolet stacks up against the competition.



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