The legendary ZL1 is back for the Sixth Generation Camaro and celebrating the 50 year legacy of Camaro, with a presence ready to dominate the street or track. With available Camaro accessories, you can make your own statement with features that are ready to perform. Take a look at the following accessories, then contact your local Chevrolet dealer to place an order.

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  • Cargo Mat - Premium All-Weather
    Cargo Mat - Premium All-Weather
    Help protect the cargo area of your Camaro from dirt and mud with this Premium All-Weather Cargo Area Floor Mat.
    MSRP - $140
  • Cargo Net
    Cargo Net
    Secure items in the trunk area of your Camaro with this utility Cargo Net.
    MSRP - $55
  • Decal/Stripe Package
    Decal/Stripe Package
    Accentuate your Camaro's powerful style lines by adding these bold Fender Hash Marks that feature an embossed Camaro logo pattern.
    MSRP - $175
  • Fuel Door
    Fuel Door
    Personalize the exterior of your Camaro with this distinctive Fuel Door.
    MSRP - $195 to $250
  • Paint Protection - Associated Accessories
    Paint Protection - Associated Accessories
    Before driving your Camaro off the dealership lot, help protect it with 3M Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film–Pro Series, one of the very best films on the market today! Help protect the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle. Non-GM Warranty. Warranty by 3M®. For more information call 1-800-643-095...
    MSRP - $90
  • Tail Lamps
    Tail Lamps
    Change it up with these Alternative Finish Tail Lamps. They are easy to install and change the entire look of the rear of your Camaro. 
    MSRP - $550
  • Vehicle Cover - Indoor
    Vehicle Cover - Indoor
    Help protect the surface of your Camaro from dirt and dust with this fitted Indoor Vehicle Cover.
    MSRP - $375 to $425
  • Vehicle Cover - Outdoor
    Vehicle Cover - Outdoor
    Help protect the exterior finish of your Camaro from dirt, dust and abrasive particles with this fitted Outdoor Vehicle Cover.
    MSRP - $375 to $425
  • Windscreen
    Help minimize air turbulence in the passenger compartment of your Camaro Convertible with this Windscreen when you have the top down.
    MSRP - $525
  • Floor Mats - Carpet Replacement
    Floor Mats - Carpet Replacement
    Help protect the carpet of your Camaro from mud, water, road salt and dirt with these Front Carpet Replacement Floor Mats.
    MSRP - $120
  • Floor Mats - Premium All-Weather
    Floor Mats - Premium All-Weather
    Help protect the carpet of your Camaro from mud, water, road salt and dirt with these Premium All-Weather Front and Rear Floor Mats.
    MSRP - $140
  • Floor Mats - Premium Carpet
    Floor Mats - Premium Carpet
    Help protect the carpet of your Camaro from mud, water, road salt and dirt with these Premium Carpet Front and Rear Floor Mats.
    MSRP - $140 to $150
  • Interior Lighting
    Interior Lighting
    Provide soft glow accent lighting to the footwell area of your Camaro with this Ambient Lighting kit. Available in 24 colors including show mode in manual display.
    MSRP - $250
  • Interior Trim
    Interior Trim
    A two-piece Interior Door Trim Kit complements or contrasts your Camaro’s exterior color for a completely custom appearance. Available in several colors. Contact your Chevrolet dealership for more information.
    MSRP - $275
  • Pedal Covers
    Pedal Covers
    Provide a sporty performance look to the interior of your Camaro with these high-quality stainless steel Pedal Covers.
    MSRP - $125 to $150
  • Smoker's Package
    Smoker's Package
    Perfect for those who choose to smoke in their Camaro, this Smoker's Package includes an ashtray as well as a lighter.
    MSRP - $55
  • Battery Charger
    Battery Charger
    Keep the battery in your Camaro in peak condition with this 110-volt Battery Charger.
    MSRP - $110
  • Reflective Triangle
    Reflective Triangle
    Signal caution to other drivers during unexpected roadside stops or other emergency events with this Reflective Triangle. It folds up into a convenient carrying case when not in use.
    MSRP - $15
  • Wheel Lock Kit
    Wheel Lock Kit
    Help deter thieves from taking the wheels off your vehicle with this Wheel Lock Kit, which includes 4 locks and a unique key.
    MSRP - $90
  • Center Caps
    Center Caps
    Add a finishing touch to your Camaro with these custom Center Caps specifically designed for your Chevrolet wheels. They are made of durable material to help resist corrosion for long life. 
    MSRP - $35
  • 20-Inch Wheels - Gloss Black Painted with Red Stripe Wheels(56H)
    20-Inch Wheels - Gloss Black Painted with Red Stripe Wheels(56H)
    Personalize your Camaro with these 20-Inch Gloss Black with Painted Red Stripe Wheels (56H) validated to GM specifications. Use only GM-approved wheel and tire combinations. See chevrolet.com/accessories for important wheel and tire information. (For SS models only.) 5) Aluminum Wheel, Gloss Black...
    MSRP - $5 to $90
  • 1 order Prices below may vary based on model trim level, and exclude installation and taxes. Contact your dealer for details.

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