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The pinnacle of power and precision

Engineered to deliver world-class levels of power and precision, the 2018 Corvette Stingray, Grand Sport and Z06 are propelled by race-proven technologies that stand toe-to-toe with the most exotic performance vehicles on the planet.

Direct injection

Direct injection increases torque, power and fuel efficiency, while reducing exhaust emissions. How? Unlike typical fuel systems, gasoline is injected directly into the cylinder, resulting in more efficient fuel delivery and better combustion.

Continuously variable valve timing

The Gen 7 Corvette engine features a unique dual-equal phaser, which adjusts camshaft timing at the same rate for both intake and exhaust valves. This improves low-rpm torque and high rpm horsepower, while working with Active Fuel Management to bolster fuel economy.

Active fuel management

Designed for peak power when you need it and fuel efficiency when you don’t, this sophisticated engine controller deactivates four cylinders in lighter-load conditions, such as highway cruising, and leverages all eight cylinders during aggressive driving.

Dry-sump oil system

Standard in Z06 and Grand Sport and included in Stingray with the Z51 Performance Package, Corvette features a dry-sump oil system, whereby oil is pumped into the engine from a 9.8 quart-capacity tank within the engine bay, ensuring oil flow to critical areas is not affected by high g-force cornering. The Corvette oil system is also enhanced by eight oil-spraying jets in the engine block, which reduce piston temperature for extreme output and long-term durability.


Necessary for Direct Injection, the high-pressure fuel pump is mounted in the valley of the cylinder block underneath the intake manifold. This results in less noise, better packaging efficiency and extremely dense power supply.


The LT1 and LT4 use unique aluminum-alloy pistons with a structure designed for the more intense cylinder pressures that come with forced induction. The pistons have a unique head topography that is essential to the Direct Injection system.

The power of perfection

Both Stingray and Grand Sport draw their power from a 6.2L LT1 V8 engine, offering an astounding 460 horsepower, 465 lb.-ft. of torque and 0 to 60 times of 3.7 seconds for Stingray and 3.6 seconds for Grand Sport. Throw in a distinctive rear transaxle that helps each vehicle achieve optimal weight balance, and you see why Stingray and Grand Sport embody the Corvette spirit of precision perfection.

LT1 by the numbers

LT1 Engine: 6.2L V8 | 460 HP | 3.7 0-60

A race-proven bloodline

Corvette Z06 stands out in the realm of supercars thanks to a 6.2L LT4 supercharged V8 aluminum engine. Delivering 650 horsepower and 650 lb.-ft. of torque, it offers the type of performance you should expect from a car with racing in its DNA.

LT4 Z06 by the numbers

LT4 Z06 Engine: 6.2L V8 Supercharged | 650 HP | 650 lb./ft.

Supercharged for superior performance

The LT4 supercharger displaces 1.7 liters and features a four-lobe rotor design that promotes efficient performance. An integrated intercooler further increases performance by cooling the massive amounts of air breathed into the heart of this precision machine

Smaller size, bigger results

Designed for greater packaging efficiency, the LT4 supercharger is more compact and approximately 20 pounds lighter than its predecessor. The small packaging aids performance, handling and fuel economy, while enabling a low hoodline for improved visibility.

Integrated manifold and throttle body assembly

The LT4 intake manifold is integrated with the supercharger for one efficient assembly. The manifold utilizes advanced noise damping features and is paired with an electronically controlled throttle featuring a contact-free sensor for more durability and control.

Two world-class transmission options

Corvette features an available 8-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission with a close-ratio gear spread for blindingly fast shifts. Those who prefer a conventional shift can revel in the standard 7-speed manual with Active Rev Match, a smart system that provides smooth shifting using engine throttle blips. The manual transmission is recommended on Z06 for extended track usage at higher ambient temperatures.

  • The 8-speed transmission offers full manual control via steering wheel paddles, while unique algorithms deliver shift performance that rivals the dual-clutch/semiautomatic transmissions found in many supercars.
  • The 7-speed manual clutch system features a lightweight dual-mass flywheel and high-capacity twin-plate 240 mm clutch, significantly reducing gear rattle and clutch inertia, respectively.
  • Corvette features a rear transaxle that improves weight distribution, keeping the car more evenly balanced during acceleration, turning and hard braking.
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*The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price excludes destination freight charge, tax, title, license, dealer fees and optional equipment. Click here to see all Chevrolet vehicles' destination freight charges.

  • Corvette with LT1 manual 17 MPG city/29 highway; with LT1 automatic 16 MPG city/29 highway; with LT4 manual 15 MPG city/22 highway; with LT4 automatic 13 MPG city/23 highway city/23 highway.

  • With available performance exhaust.

  • When equipped with available Z51 Performance and Handling Package and 8-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission.

  • Available on 8-speed paddle shift and Z07 Performance Package.

  • A manual transmission is recommended for extended track usage at higher ambient temperatures. Consult the Track Preparation Guide for additional information at or see your dealer.

  • The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price excludes destination freight charge, tax, title, license, dealer fees and optional equipment. Click here to see all Chevrolet vehicles' destination freight charges.