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The Top 5 Winners Have Been Selected – See Who Won!

Do you remember your first date, your first concert, or even your first sand boarding trip? First experiences play an important role in our lives and Chevy Sonic has always been a car to inspire these epic firsts. With the 2012 MOFILM Lollapalooza contest, MOFILM and Sonic have teamed up once again in creating a short film competition that highlights some of life’s most important first adventures.

MOFILM and Chevy have held a partnership for three years to showcase aspiring filmmakers from around the globe. From surf-camping to climbing mountains, the films entered in the 2012 MOFILM Lollapalooza contest capture some of life’s most exciting experiences. Entries were submitted from all around the world and the top 5 winners were chosen.

Each of the videos displays a unique artistic approach, however, they all speak to the same sentiment: Chevy Sonic inspires epic firsts. Find out more about Sonic, and how it can inspire you.

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  • A group of friends go surf-camping on the coast of Los Angeles, California.
  • A band takes their first music tour across the United States in their Sonic Hatchback.
  • Three friends travel from Portugal to Spain to France in one day in their Sonic Hatchback.
  • Krushnaa Patil takes her Sonic along to scale the Sahyadri Mountains in India.
  • Friends take their Sonic along for a number of adventures, including sand boarding.
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