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Since its inception, Camaro has been setting the pace for the sports car segment, and now it’s time to improve upon this prowess. Not surprisingly, Chevrolet has revealed changes made to Camaro Coupe and Convertible at the New York International Auto Show.


The redesigned front fascia is more angular — making Camaro appear wider, lower and more contemporary. The new fascia flows upward, and a chrome accent within the grille on RS further accentuates the front of Camaro. The new front grille swallows air to cool vital components, expelling it through the new hood vent on SS models. All facets of the lighting system on Camaro Coupe and Convertible have been streamlined in appearance, adding to the modern look.

Performance changes flow seamlessly into the interior. Available on SS and ZL1 coupe models, RECARO Performance Sport Seats ensure driver and passenger stay planted, thanks to more aggressive seat bolsters. The Head-Up Display and Driver Information Center are now mulit-color for 2LT, 2SS and ZL1 models, making them easier to read.

A marriage of modern and timeless, Camaro exploits the road, elevating each sense to palpable excitement. To learn more about the technology in place that excels due to these improvements, explore the ZL1, Camaro Coupe or Camaro Convertible pages. Join the conversation on Facebook.


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