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Bi-fuel Silverado 2500HD can switch between gasoline and natural gas

Continuing a commitment to cleaner, more efficient vehicles, Chevrolet is offering both fleet and retail consumers the bi-fuel Silverado 2500HD that seamlessly switches between gasoline and compressed natural gas (CNG).

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Combining the domestically produced, cleaner-burning CNG with gasoline gives the Silverado 2500HD a range of more than 650 miles. And since this is a Silverado, you know it's got the power and performance to get the job done.

The bi-fuel Silverado by Chevy has a specially designed Vortec 6.0L V8 engine. Once the CNG fuel system is fully integrated, the completed trucks are then delivered directly to the customer.

The entire gaseous fuel system meets Chevrolet’s strict quality, durability, safety testing and is covered under the extensive warranty. The bi-fuel Silverado 2500HD Extended Cab will be available in standard and long box, with either two- or four-wheel drive.

The benefits of natural gas and where to find it

According to CNGnow, natural gas powers more than 12 million vehicles on the road, but thus far only 112,000 of them are in the United States. The group states that CNG costs about 50% less than gasoline or diesel and (depending on the vehicle make) emits up to 90% fewer emissions than gasoline. Given the abundant supply in America and an expanding number of fueling stations across the country, interest in domestically produced CNG is likely to rise.

CNGnow has developed an interactive map to help you find a fueling station near you. Simply type in your address and we’ll do the rest. You can also download the new smart phone app and take the map with you on the road.

CNG fuel finder smart phone app

The nation’s CNG infrastructure is still growing, so there’s not a fueling station on every corner yet. Created by CNGnow, the CNG Fuel Finder mobile application for your iPhone or Android​ device helps you find the clean, affordable fuel you need.

Download CNG Fuel Finder to:

·Check prices, pressure and ratings before you go
·Map routes and see nearby stations
·Check in at stations to add ratings, comments and photos
·Get CNG news, blogs and video

CNG Fuel Finder has the most up-to-date, accurate information available about CNG filling stations from coast to coast. And when you use the app to check in at a station, you can spread the word about CNG by sharing on Twitter or Facebook.

Your check-ins also help make sure all station information and pricing is listed correctly.

Sharing the information is easy: Just find the station you’re at on the map and tap “Check in here.” You can even post comments and photos.



  • 1 1 Assembled in the United States of globally sourced parts.

Destination Freight Charges

To allow you to do an accurate price comparison with prices featured on other Internet sites, GM provides Internet pricing both with and without the Destination Freight Charge (see prices including Destination Freight Charge below). To get full pricing details, go to our Build Your Own section.