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It’s more fun to drive a stick.

The first time you push in that clutch and put ‘er in gear, you’ll finally feel what it’s like to really drive. Sure, being behind the wheel of an automatic is technically “driving”, but once you learn to drive a manual, you’ll never go back. So what are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

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But learning how to drive a stick is hard and scary!

Don’t freak out. The Sonic Stay Clutch competition reintroduced the stick shift to a new generation of drivers. The Chevy Sonic is the official car of “firsts,” and that includes discovering the excitement of driving a stick. With advancements such as Hill Start Assist technology and its progressive clutch pedal to make shifting easier and smoother, the Sonic has been specifically designed to make learning to drive a stick easy and fun. Sonic also offers an EPA-estimated 40 MPG highway, giving drivers power, control AND efficiency. What more could you want? How about a trip to some of baseball’s most exciting events?


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Aspiring stick shift drivers submitted videos on why they want to learn to “Stay Clutch” for a chance to win a personal stick shift driving lesson at the Chevy All-Star test track. Four videos were selected, and the submitters were declared semi-finalists. These semi-finalists, along with one guest each, were awarded driving lessons in Kansas City, as well as tickets to the 2012 State Farm™ Home Run Derby® and MLB® All-Star Game®

After the Stay Clutch semi-finalists enjoyed personal stick shift driving lessons with their instructors, they competed against one another in a driving competition where judges decided on a champion.

With the fastest track time and the fewest number of errors, Jeffrey Rothenberg was crowned the ultimate “Stay Clutch” winner and received two tickets to Game One of the MLB® World Series®.


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