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Driving to Dreamland in a Corvette Bed

By Roxanna Sarmiento

There’s just something about boys and cars, isn’t there?

I have three sons under the age of eight, so I know that the love of cars starts in early boyhood. My kids drive toy cars on the kitchen counter as I make our breakfast. They always carry a little car or two in their pockets when we’re out and about for the day. I find cars parked between the couch cushions after bedtime. Vroom-vroom is the background music of our days, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love to see my boys take their imaginations for a spin, even if I’m constantly at risk of stepping on some random vehicle left on the floor.

Because of the range of ages at home, we have many different types of cars. Every child has a preference—from construction trucks to the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe—but sports cars are the hands-down favorite. Toddler coupes are sweet, but nothing beats a Corvette. A Corvette-themed room would blow their minds—and what’s a car-themed room without a car-themed bed?

In our search, we learned that Step2 has just come out with a new bed for kids that’s modeled after a Corvette Z06. I won’t lie: At first, I was a little intimidated. The car beds I remember were nowhere as sleek or realistic as this one! From working headlights to silver rims, every detail is sure to be noticed and appreciated by my boys. But how will they ever get to sleep with a bright-red sports car in their room?

This bed may look just like a Z06 racecar, but it’s an actual bed—and a practical one to boot. It accommodates a toddler mattress for the two-year-old, and a twin for the older kids, which means realistically they could sleep on it until they’re 10. Oh, and for the toddler there’s even a built-in race track—a feature that’s sure to keep him busy pushing his toy cars on those weekend mornings when he wakes up a little bit too early and Mom and Dad need a few more minutes of sleep. (Score!) My practical side loves that the windows serve as safety rails for the younger kids—of course, as far as the kids can tell, they simply make the bed look and feel like a real car. The working headlights are undeniably cool. They also work as nightlights, maybe even as reading lights. How awesome is that?

At first, I thought I’d be crazy to put such a huge, fun toy in my car-obsessed boys’ rooms, but I seem to have come around. During the day, a Corvette bed would offer wonderful opportunities for play—which is, after all, the work of childhood. At night, it would quite literally be their dream car. Whether winning the LeMans race or making imaginary trips to the grocery store, the kids would have a blast in the driver's seat.

I not-so-secretly hope they’ll take me along for the ride.

Roxanna Sarmiento publishes Everyday Treats, a blog about living well every day. She lives in Boston with her husband and three sons.



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