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How to have an authentic adventure without feeling like you’re on an episode of Survivor

By Leslie Chen

Camping used to be all about spending quality time with friends and family while enjoying the great outdoors. Now, going out into the wilderness means stressing over the phone calls and e-mails you’re missing while sleeping in a cramped, unnecessarily uncomfortable tent. Although I’m admittedly one of those people for whom unplugging (literally and figuratively) can cause mild doses of anxiety, I’ve come to realize that camping truly is a wonderful way to bond with those you care about most—and it doesn’t have to include those nightmarish canned beans either.

So forget electricity! Here are some things that will make an unplugged getaway more fun than a kilowatt ever could:

You can’t go camping without telling scary stories around a fire, but sometimes the weather doesn’t permit such good old-fashioned fun. Weather-resistant fire starters like the Stormproof Match Kit are a great way to start a campfire no matter what the conditions. Wind- and water-resistant, these matches can stay lit for 15 seconds even when wet.

Once the sun goes down, the Chaheati Heated Camping Chair will enable you and your whole family to brave the cold while staying cozily together. It’s foldable, lightweight and waterproof, with four temperature settings.

The most important part of camping, of course, is the tent. If you’re like me and want to experience real camping but prefer not to sleep on a cold, hard surface overrun with bugs, then the Hennessy Hammock Tent is for you. Sleeping in comfort (with features like mosquito netting) while hanging from a tree? Sounds even more adventurous than pitching a traditional tent.

Believe it or not, sandwiches such as peanut butter and jelly can be carried into the wilderness without ending up a soggy mess. The Candwich is literally a sandwich in a can. There’s even a BBQ chicken option. Need I say more?

Finish off your meal by heating up a comforting drink in the collapsible Pack-Away Kettle All you have to do is pull it up to its full size to make hot cocoa or coffee. Bon appetit!

With so many amazing items that need no electricity at all, an unplugged camping trip seems like a no-brainer for even the most technologically dependent. Whether you sit around the fire, go for a walk or fish, these cutting-edge inventions will help you make the best memories yet.

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Leslie Chen writes about pop culture for Trend Hunter.


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