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Your Spark’s got the attitude and Denver
has the altitude

By Aaron Anderson

Denver is known for its outdoorsy appeal, its eco-friendly citizens and its breathtaking location in the foothills of the Rockies. But you don’t have to go into the mountains to have fun here. The city itself is full of innovation. You’ll find food flavors unlike any others; professional teams for every major sport; arts and entertainment; and shopping that’s literally a mile high. And when you travel through Denver in a Spark, with its unique urban style, your innovative personality will complement the city’s. Your Spark’s got the attitude and Denver has the altitude. Don’t be fooled by the fact that this city car appears small—its engine was built to tackle tough terrain, and there’s enough cargo space and passenger room to load it up and zip it around.

What Mile-High Food Tastes Like
For the foodie in all of us, you can’t miss the great atmosphere and food of Steuben’s. It’s American food with a local flair. With a casual atmosphere, you’re sure to be delighted with its venue as well as the menu. But be sure to come early. Reservations aren’t accepted, and there’s often a line at the door (it’s worth it).

And if you’re feeling up for dessert you can’t miss Sweet Action Ice Cream, located just south of the downtown district. With unique flavors (like ginger lime) and a selection that changes weekly, Sweet Action Ice Cream was ranked by US News and World Report as a top ten ice cream shop in the U.S. But despite the fame and the line to get in, Sweet Action Ice cream is as friendly on the pocket book as your Chevrolet Spark and a great place to go with friends or on a date.

Everywhere You Look, You’ve Got a Great View of Sports
Denver is one of the few cities in the U.S. with a major sports team of every kind: Basketball, hockey, football, baseball and soccer. So no matter the time of year, whenever you’re cruising through downtown, you’re sure to pass event parking for at least one of the sports teams. Stop in and enjoy a game—or for the planner in the car who likes to know where you’re headed, your Spark’s optional BringGo* app can help you find events when your out and about.

The Cultural Center: Known for its Bear
If sports just aren’t your thing, Denver is also home to the Colorado Convention Center. Known by its blue bear and located in the heart of downtown, the Convention Center frequently hosts world class and local entertainment such as art galleries, bands, entertainers and plays. The Convention Center also offers on-site parking so you don’t have to pay event-parking prices. Just park the Spark and go! It’s something to cheer about.

If you’d prefer a performance center a little more historic (but still innovative), check out the Ogden Theater, built in 1917, almost bulldozed in the 1990’s and finally saved by its placement on the National Register of Historic Places. Performers from Harry Houdini (in 1917) to Lady Gaga have performed there.

A Shopping District with a Store for Any Taste
While you’re downtown, you can’t miss the 16th Street shopping district: 300 locally owned and chain stores, 50 restaurants, the Denver Pavilions—and a WiFi hot spot. From popular chains like Victoria’s Secret, Forever21 and Banana Republic to top local retailers like Cali & Mo, you’ll find a store for your taste—no matter what your taste is. And with your Spark’s spacious 31 cubic feet of cargo room, you don’t have to worry about how to get it all home.

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Aaron Anderson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and owner of The Marriage and Family Clinic in Denver, CO. He also is the Marriage Editor for The Good Men Project, and writes online publications and in print all on the topic of marriages, families and men. In his spare time (whatever that is) he is secretly preparing to be the next great chef. You can find him on Twitter @MarriageDr and on Facebook giving great info without the psychobabble.

This is part of a series of Spark City Guides on Chevy Culture.

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