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5 Must-Have Accessories for a Road Trip With Your Dog

By Mike Payne

What’s a road trip without the family dog? Our family won’t go anywhere without ours, so we’ve learned a thing or two about traveling with a canine companion. The rules of the road are largely the same as they are at home; dogs need safety, comfort, space and nourishment to be happy and healthy. All these needs can be met in a spacious vehicle like the 2014 Chevrolet Traverse—with a rich and refined interior and best-in-class maximum cargo room. And we’ve got five ideas that can help make it even more fun for the family with a furry friend in tow.

Orvis Deluxe Car Hammock Seat Protector

With this rubberized seat blanket, you can protect your pup, your backseat and the sanctity of the front row. It features a comfortable pillow mat with two “walls” that attach to the front- and back-seat head rests. The front “wall” creates a barrier that prevents your pooch from climbing into your lap in the driver’s seat, while also cushioning the impact of sudden braking or surprise bumps.

Heininger PortablePET WaterBoy

Most any food bowl will do for my dogs on the road. The difficult part is providing drinking water without making a mess. This container holds up to three quarts of water, is designed not to spill or slide, and provides a constant source of water until those three quarts are consumed.

Ruff Rider Dog Car Harness

Beyond the hammock seat protector, a true seatbelt harness can be a lifesaver. Similar to the multi-point harness systems designed for performance driving, this one fits around a dog’s shoulders. It connects to a seatbelt fastener, making it easy to attach and detach as needed.

Fetch-A-Passion Personalized Pet ID Tags

It’s essential for your dog to have an ID tag when you’re on the road, even if your city doesn’t require them by law. Many pet supply stores provide in-store tag personalization, but if you plan ahead you can get a tag that’s unique to your dog’s personality, whether he’s the tough-guy type or a dainty little thing. These tags from the Fetch-a-Passion Etsy store are similar in price to the ones available at pet supply stores, but they’re handmade and one-of-a-kind.

Brain Games for Dogs by Claire Arrowsmith

Dogs generally need exercise to be happy. During long car rides, true physical exercise can be hard to come by. This book teaches you games to play with your dog that encourage mental stimulation for you both, and are perfect for the next rest stop.

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