Earth Day Celebrations 2013
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This April 22, hightail those eco-logical wheels of yours to one of the many Earth Day bashes across the country

By Stephanie Georgopulos


While driving a Volt, in and of itself, is kind of like giving the environment a little hug every day, there’s no harm in charging up the car and heading to one of these Earth Day celebrations. After all, a lithium-ion battery pack powers the vehicle for an EPA-estimated 38 miles on full charge; if you also have a full tank of gas, the total driving range is up to 380 miles!

The Volt’s design epitomizes the fact that innovation is an important part of changing the world. At these festivals, you can broaden your eco education about other innovative ways to make a positive impact—and have fun at the same time!

The St. Louis Earth Day Festival
St. Louis, MO

St. Louis Earth Day’s motto is “Where every day is Earth Day”—and with good reason. Instead of sitting idly by and waiting for April 22nd to get its planeteering on, this nonprofit spends the entire calendar year engaging businesses and individuals alike in both eco-education and action. Their annual festival raises funds to support the St. Louis Earth Day Organization’s efforts year round. Attend as a guest and enjoy food and live music while supporting the environment, or sign up to volunteer. Captain Planet would be super proud.

Earth Day SF
San Francisco, CA

Celebrate Earth Day in “the Greenest City in North America.” This festival is fun for the entire family, and focuses on discussing and solving both local and global environmental challenges. While you’re in town, make a pit stop at the California Academy of Sciences—or the “green museum,” as it’s often called—located in Golden Gate Park. It’s one of the largest natural history museums in the world—and includes a planetarium and aquarium, so you can go above and beyond (or sky-high and underwater) in your eco-education.

Earth Month at Union Station
Washington, D.C.

This month-long Earth love-fest will keep the party going all through April. It’s an extension of 2012’s “Earth Day on the National Mall” celebration—which means even more top-notch musical performances, renewable energy demonstrations and interactive exhibits.

Louisiana Earth Day
Baton Rogue, LA

More than 400 volunteers will gather in Baton Rouge to teach you—through creative exhibits and hands-on activities—how to go green at both work and home (as if the food alone weren’t worth the trip!). Popular features like the Wetland Tent and the Recycle Fair will return; new attractions include a recycled-fashion show and screenings of environmental films.

Earth Day New York
New York, NY

“The city so nice they named it twice” is offering two celebrations this year, one in Midtown and one in Union Square. Check out live performances, sustainability talks and interactive displays at the historic Grand Central Vanderbilt Hall location, or head downtown to Union Square to see exhibits by local and national environmental organizations and a green-vehicle runway show that includes many a Chevy. Don’t miss a chance to show off those sustainable wheels of yours—the Big (Organic) Apple awaits.

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Stephanie Georgopulos is an editor at Thought Catalog. Her work has been featured on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Awl, Gizmodo, The Next Web, Refinery 29 and elsewhere. Email her at


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