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How a Chevrolet Suburban turned one child’s holiday into an adventure of epic proportions

By Brandon Gorrell

For a lot of families, Easter involves hardboiled eggs, different colors of dye and a basket full of goodies at the bottom of the staircase. For my family, it involved a whole lot more.

When I was an elementary school kid living in Florida, my family managed to make Easter Sunday a holiday that rivaled Christmas. This is because when we had Easter, we had it on wheels.

It went something like this. At the crack of dawn, I’d wake up—unfazed by the sleepless, excited night I’d just had to endure—and rush downstairs to find a giant basket of chocolate goodies waiting for me (all thanks to the Easter Bunny, of course). I loved chocolate (and still do). But after a cursory inspection of the run-of-the-mill treats in my big basket, I’d yell to my parents, “Are they here yet?”

“No Brandon, it’s still early,” they’d reply. “Just be patient.”

After scarfing down a chocolate bunny for breakfast—and then having to eat a real breakfast of something at least slightly healthier—I’d rush outside and wait for one of my favorite childhood sights ever: my aunt and uncle’s forest green Chevrolet Suburban rounding the corner and pulling into our driveway with my three cousins in tow. When I first spotted their vehicle, my parents couldn’t hold me back. I’d be in the backseat before they could get halfway up the driveway.

What lay ahead of me was something out of child fantasyland. We were to go on an Easter egg hunt. But this Easter egg hunt would be an adventure of epic proportions.

First, we’d go to the putt-putt course, where my aunt and uncle would already have hidden plenty of treat-filled Easter eggs for us to find as we took part in one of my favorite childhood activities. Then we’d head to the batting cages, because we all loved baseball. After that, we’d drive over to the go-kart track. After a generous number of laps around the track—because Easter eggs couldn’t be hidden there—we’d find eggs hidden in the Suburban. We’d finish the day off with a nature walk and a trip to our favorite BBQ joint. By then, all the kids would be tuckered out and the adults could have fun of their own.

I will never forget those experiences. With their unique take on Easter, my aunt and uncle showed me that traditions didn’t have to be traditional. Even Easter could be an adventure! And so can yours—as long as you don’t accidentally hide the car keys.

Brandon Gorrell is an editor at Thought Catalog. Follow him on Twitter @brandongorrell.


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