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Dreamy designs for style-conscious
moms and daughters alike

By Diane Pham

If we’d known that growing up would mean days filled with dirty laundry and grocery store shopping, we might have made like Peter Pan and driven our Malibus to Never Never Land. But no need to despair. Even if you’ve fallen head first into the rabbit hole of clock-punching workaday obligations, you can still don a fabulous dress or a sensational pair of heels and reconnect with your inner child.

Before you go trolling the prim pages of Vogue for some fashion inspiration, check out these enchanting eco-friendly haute-couture wares we've found, right here on Chevy Culture. Ranging from colorful, recycled-LEGO stilettos to a delectable gummy bear Alexander McQueen gown, these dreamy designs will launch your imagination on a fantastical, flirty dress-up adventure right from your desktop.

LEG-GO Stilettos Imagine putting the pedal to the metal while wearing these incredible LEGO-adorned heels by British artist Finn Stone. A perfect DIY idea to give a dated pair of pumps a lift, we bet your kids won't even notice the missing blocks.

Bear Fur Coat N2 Couldn’t go anywhere without your treasured teddy bear when you were a kid? This snuggly coat turns factory-flawed plush bears into a cruelty-free staple you'll want to zip up when you just can't bear the chill. Designed by Sebastian Errazuriz, it references the Campana Brothers’ famed stuffed-animal chairs and, more poignantly, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac’s 1980s anti-fur campaigns that put fashion on the chopping block for its shameless use of pelts.

Gummy Bear Dress Fashion stylists Hissa Igarashi and Sayuri Marakumi turned 250 pounds of confection into a sweet and sticky version of one of Alexander McQueen’s rainbow-colored 2008 spring/summer collection gowns. Over the course of three weeks, 50,000 gummy bears were hand-glued to vinyl on a steel frame custom-made to fit chosen model Jessica Pitti’s measurements. The dress was created for Twelv’s inaugural issue as a homage to the late McQueen.

Golden Book Gown If Cinderella was living in this day and age, we think the animal-lover-cum-crafter would seek out a man with a heightened sense of environmental awareness, and green designer Ryan Novelline could easily fit that bill. Novelline created this one-of-a-kind fairytale-inspired gown almost entirely from discarded Golden Books. It features a 22,000-square-inch page-turning skirt and a form-fitting bodice made from the spines of beloved children’s lit. With a Prince Charming like Novelline, Cinderella needn’t ever worry about looking like a pumpkin when the clock strikes midnight.

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Diane Pham is a New York-based writer and a senior editor at Inhabitat.com.


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