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With these apps and technologies, you can get the party started!

By Stephanie Georgopulos

When it comes to family reunions, some things are staples: delicious food, embarrassing slideshows and lots of laughter (or tears, depending on your family). But there’s an element that more often than not gets overlooked, and that’s the journey there. The drive can simply be a means to an end—but why not seize the opportunity to get the party started early? Your Chevrolet Equinox was made for road tripping—its extra legroom (the most rear-seat legroom in its class) and safety advances attest to that—but did you know it was also made for communicating from the road? With Chevrolet MyLink* and some fun apps, you’ll keep your group organized and in sync, and be primed to party down with them before the reunion even begins.


Download WhatsApp to any smartphone and let the games begin. Group message your cousins to make sure someone remembered to pick up extra ice; share your location with your directionally challenged brother-in-law; and send videos to Grandma and Grandpa of your kids incessantly asking, “Are we there yet?” so that they might share in your pain—this is what being a family is about! WhatsApp helps get you warmed up with your favorite relatives as you make your way to the same destination.

Autonet Mobile Wi-Fi

With internet access in your Equinox, you can easily upload pictures and videos to family members who are anxiously awaiting your arrival. Flood your family reunion’s Facebook group feed with pictures from the road, or announce your ETA with a status update.


Get into the swing of things by listening to the same Family Reunion playlist your relatives are jamming to from the comfort of party headquarters. Just plug your phone into your MyLink USB port and control your music and media through the 6.5-inch diagonal color touch screen or via enhanced voice control. Your USB port will also keep your phone charged so that you can enjoy the reunion with full batteries.

Handsfree Calling

Need to double-check an address but have your hands full? Call your relatives using Bluetooth wireless technology so that you never have to take your eyes off the road. And if one of your relatives should need to reach you during the journey, Bluetooth will pause your Family Reunion playlist (or whatever you’re listening to on the stereo) so that you don’t miss any important calls.

Siri Eyes Free**

Look ma, no hands (or eyes)! With Siri Eyes Free—currently available on the Sonic, Spark and Spark EV; available on other Chevrolet models in 2014—you can compose and listen to text messages to find out if your host needs anything from the store or to alert your relatives that you’re running behind. Your thumbs will need all the rest they can get—everyone knows it’s not a family reunion until you’ve locked yourself in the bathroom to get a Facebook fix without ancient Uncle Allen urging you to put your phone away.

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Stephanie Georgopulos is an editor at Thought Catalog. Her work has been featured on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Awl, Gizmodo, The Next Web, Refinery 29 and elsewhere. Email her at Follow her on Twitter: @omgstephlol.

*MyLink functionality varies by model. Full functionality requires compatible Bluetooth and smartphone, and USB connectivity for some devices.

MyLink on Spark and Sonic does not include functionality such as enhanced voice recognition, Gracenote and CD player.

**Requires available Chevrolet MyLink and compatible iPhone running iOS 6. Software update may be required.

See your dealer for more information.

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