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Chevrolet is committed to giving back to those who have given so much by serving our country. As a part of that commitment, Chevrolet recently teamed up with “The Today Show” to reunite Lt. Nathan Lowman with his wife, Cindy, and his daughter in a surprise homecoming that involved a little bit of undercover maneuvering.

On May 18, Cindy Lowman and her daughter arrived at the Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch for the surprise event. “The Today Show” camera crew, posing as a crew shooting a commercial for the resort, greeted the two. The crew then proceeded to conduct an interview with Cindy. She discussed her life, her passion for Corvette and her excitement about participating in driving school. As soon as the interview wrapped, driving school instructors pulled up in Corvettes to greet Cindy and her daughter. And much to their surprise, one particular driving instructor stepped out of the car and took off his helmet. It was none other than Lt. Lowman.

The surprise culminated into a heartfelt moment that brought the entire family together after they had not seen each other in over seven months.

Watch the Lowman family’s surprise reunion unfold:

The Lowman family’s tie to Chevrolet is one that goes far back. In fact, Corvette has always had a special meaning for Lt. Lowman, who grew up dreaming of one day owning one.

“Before I graduated high school, knowing I was joining…to serve our country, I went to my local dealership and took a picture in a brand-new 1994 Corvette,” said Lt. Lowman. “I stated at that time that ‘one day I am going to own one of these!’ ”

Lt. Lowman and his wife, Cindy, were finally able to own their very own 1992 Corvette, which they later transformed in a tribute to Chief Warrant Officer 4 Keith Yoakum, a fellow soldier who gave his life in combat.

“So why is Corvette significant, you may ask. It is because it is like the American Dream,” said Lt. Lowman. “Corvette is America’s sports car and what better car to have as a defender of America?”

Chevrolet is not only proud to honor Lt. Lowman for his service to our country, we are also proud to give back to his family members whose lives have been inspired by Chevrolet throughout the years.

Learn more about what Chevrolet is doing to support the military.


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