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It all starts with the car

By Orin J. Hahn

There are few things that fill people with as much excitement as a first date. How will that first impression go? It might be the beginning of getting to know that certain someone better. It could even be the start of the story of a lifetime.

Actions often make a bolder statement than anything merely said. Some classic touches, like offering to pick up your date rather than simply meeting somewhere, will let him or her know you’re interested in tuning in and creating a special moment. The 2014 Chevrolet Cruze was designed to create a lasting first impression. It’s hard to resist details like the swept-back lamps that lead the eye across its sculpted fenders and around the sides and back again. While you want your date to notice you, of course, having a car that says oo-la-la takes some of that initial pressure off.

And the details! Thirty acoustical treatments* designed to make the inside quieter will give you a private space to begin a dialogue before dinner or wherever you’re off to.

Think about what paths might provide a chance to appreciate the day or night. Plan a route that features the best of what your locale has to offer. Perhaps it’s a drive along the coast, through a wooded area or over a distinctive bridge.

Incorporate your surroundings into the date. This creates a true feeling of being out on the town. While you may want to familiarize yourself with the route so you don’t get lost, your fallback can be voice-guided directions via the Cruze’s OnStar** Turn-by-Turn Navigation.

One of the advantages of planning a scenic excursion is that it lends itself to conversation—whether the views and sights have historical significance for the city or just evoke a personal story. It’s been said that every place has a story, so take this opportunity to share and create a memorable moment. It can be funny, insightful or curiosity-building. All are great ways to begin a valuable connection.

Great nights often start with great music. Setting up a selection beforehand makes the difference between keeping the flow easy and having to fumble and search for the next choice. After all, you don’t want to be distracted, or compete with DJs and blaring chatter. Picking certain artists or styles sets the mood and tone. The music can be romantic, sophisticated or even something surprising and new. And again, a song might lead to a story you want to tell—not to mention eliminating awkward silences.

With all this planning, don’t forget to tune in to your dates’ thoughts and interests, too. After all, they also have worlds to share. Rather than asking questions that elicit single answers—like “Where would you like to go?”—this is a chance to seed the night. Ask about the kind of environments they enjoy. Take the initiative; it will be appreciated.

And lastly, don’t forget to put as much care toward dressing well for the evening as you do toward planning what to do. Go for comfort so you’re at ease. Pick a style that presents your best features. A well-dressed date stands out from the quotidian. After all, you don’t want to be eclipsed by your Cruze!

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Good Men Project contributor Orin J. Hahn writes, lives, breathes and dreams of the adventures possible once we all learn strong play skills. Practicing what he preaches, he spent the last several years traveling, producing an off-Broadway play and having his intimate life turned into an art show, when not too busy being a dad to his teen daughter or wooing his fiancée. He's currently working on his first book, Sex, Money & Fulfillment. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter @Orin explains, and find his writings on his blog, Spirituality for the Sarcastic.


*Not available on Cruze Eco with 6-speed manual transmission.

**Visit for coverage map, details and system limitations. Services vary by model and conditions.


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