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Like the Chevrolet Spark, these Advanced-Technology appliances pack a serious punch into a small and sleek package

By Jeana Lee Tahnk

When I was a kid, one of my all-time favorite cartoons was The Jetsons. Remember the intro when Judy and Elroy were jettisoned off to school in their little pods from George’s space capsule? Our cars, while not quite able to fly through the air yet, are on the path to a Jetsons-like future with neat features like the available Chevrolet MyLink Radio* and Siri Eyes-Free**. We’ve got innovation covered on the road and, lucky for us, a tech-infused household isn’t that far behind either.

While we’re probably a little ways away from having a talking and walking machine that does everything from washing dishes to laundering clothes (I’d love help like Rosie the Robot), there have been some surprising innovations in household technology that have brought us one step closer to domestic bliss.

Here are five super-cool robotic gadgets that do your household chores for you:

Washing the windows is pretty low on the household priority list, but after a while the smudges, kid fingerprints and dried dog saliva (clearly not a favorite of delivery drivers) create a filmy sheath that can’t be ignored. The Winbot Window Washer washes your windows for you. Using powerful suction and built-in cleaning pads and squeegee, you can literally stick this on your windows and enjoy the clear view.

What about those floors that seem to always be covered in dog hair and Goldfish cracker crumbs? The Neato Robotics Vacuum can clean all that up in a jiffy with the touch of a button. Simply place this on the floor, press Start and in no time you’ll have hair- and crumb-free floors. Like the Chevrolet Spark, this is one appliance that packs a serious punch into a small and sleek package.

The dream of having a smart fridge with a built-in LCD screen for apps, recipes and grocery lists is now a reality. This LG Smart ThinQ Refrigerator combines ample storage space with innovative tech features. Similar to Chevrolet MyLink, which syncs with your smartphone to display apps that give you a customized driving experience, the Smart ThinQ’s on-board computer helps efficiently manage your household and food inventory for a completely personalized kitchen experience.

Cleaning out the gutters is another one of those thankless household chores that needs to get done from time to time. The iRobot Looj is a gutter-blasting robot that saves you not only time, but also the hassle of climbing up those treacherous ladders and stretching over the edge to clear out all the debris that’s been collecting over time.

And speaking of outdoor work, that weekly summertime chore of mowing the lawn can soon be a thing of the past with the Husqvarna Automower. This high-powered robot will inevitably save you a couple of hours every weekend.

We may not be on par with a Jetsons lifestyle just yet, but we’re certainly on our way. And with all these innovative robots working inside and outside your home, imagine all the free time you’ll have.

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Jeana Lee Tahnk is a tech writer and contributes to sites like Mashable, and Daily Candy. She is also Associate Editor at Cool Mom Tech, a site that helps parents navigate the best and coolest tech and gadgets for their families. Follow her on Twitter @jeanatahnk.

*MyLink functionality varies by model. Full functionality requires compatible Bluetooth and smartphone, and USB connectivity for some devices.

**Requires available Chevrolet MyLink and compatible iPhone running iOS 6. Software update may be required. See your dealer for more information.


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