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This is why we race on Sunday

Winning, in itself, is not the Chevy Racing ethos. To us, racing is about challenging what an automobile and driver can achieve together. Not being afraid to fail. Testing the limits between man and machine, and then setting a new bar to exceed the very next day.

The engineering tests, the fuel efficiency variables, the three points of contact every driver relies on, the precision of wheel correction, the fascinating improvisation of technique on the track. The hours, the sweat, the experimentation, the risk that all go into winning.

This is our religion. A "W" may be evidence that we're doing something right, but namely we take more stock and pride in proving that ingenuity can, indeed, do the impossible.

One car, one driver, no excuses: Drivers who race Chevrolet benefit from more than a century of motorsports experience that has propelled Chevrolet Motorsports to championships in dozens of series, on hundreds of tracks. But a myriad of things can go wrong for even the best-prepared team, and a myriad of things must go right to be the first car, and the first driver, to the checkered flag.

This year, Chevrolet is in pursuit of its 37th NASCAR Sprint Cup Series™ Manufacturer Championship, including a sixth driver championship for Jimmie Johnson.

Chevrolet is also gunning for championships in other major series:

  • The NASCAR Nationwide Series and the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, which are just as brutally competitive as the Sprint Cup Series.
  • Chevrolet is chasing a Manufacturer Championship in the IZOD IndyCar Series, which would follow the stunning performance of 2012— the first year back in the series for Chevrolet, taking 11 of the 15 races.
  • Chevrolet is also shooting for class and overall championships in the GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series, with its Corvette in the Daytona Prototype category and Camaro in the GT class.
  • In the world of drag racing, Chevrolet is presently powering nine of the top 15 Pro Stock cars in the National Hot Rod Association.
  • In the American Le Mans Series Corvette continues to dominate the GT class. And next year, when the GRAND-AM and American Le Mans Series merge into the United SportsCar Championship Series, Corvette and Camaro will be front and center for the USCC debut race, the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona, in January.

Make no mistake – we embrace the titles and the trophies, fully recognizing the endorsement of a job well done. But it’s what we learn on the way to collecting those titles and trophies that drives Chevrolet to the track, and to the winner’s circle. And we learn with every lap how to make cars better and more efficient. How to go faster and stop quicker. How to make bits and pieces that last well beyond expectations. How to invest where you, and not just we, will benefit from the payoff.

And how to win.

Man and machine, taken to the limits. On the track or off, with Chevrolet, we’re racing toward the future.



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