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Partnership is part of What Do You #PlayFor campaign promoting much more than the game

Since March, Chevrolet has been asking the world “What do you #Play For?"
And over the course of the summer the world has answered.
The responses have been diverse.
Some people play for fun.
Some to stay fit.
Some to realize even more significant accomplishments and to overcome daily obstacles.

Regardless, of the response each answer to that very simple question makes clear the true impact play has on the world. On all of us.

Chevrolet is proud to recognize 11 kids from all corners of the world who embrace play. Who, through play, have demonstrated that possibilities are endless.

What better way to recognize these kids and their inspiring stories than giving them a once in a lifetime experience at one of football’s most famous grounds? At the opening game of the 2014/15 season the kids served as mascots, escorting the team onto the pitch at Old Trafford and in front of 76,000 passionate fans.

Chevrolet is beginning the tradition of acknowledging kids like these who live by this spirit of play, and will continue to honor them for seasons to come

Thanks to these boys and girls from North America, India, China, Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia and South Korea for their spirit and for showing us that anything is possible. Learn more about these inspiring mascots and see their full story….only at


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