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With its sleek design and modernist appeal, the 2014 Impala is your dream car. How about a home to match?

By Greg Barbera

You love your 2014 Impala. You love its sleek, sculpted lines and the smooth ride it offers courtesy of its eye-pleasing aerodynamic design. You love the masterful craftsmanship that has resulted in your rewarding driving experience. So what’s the problem? You really want the right place to park it—specifically, a home that matches your design sensibility and your Impala’s striking appearance and head-turning profile. Here’s a quick tour of stylish, modernist residences that might fit the bill.

This may come as a surprise to some people, but the Triangle area of North Carolina—which includes Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill—has the third largest concentration of modernist homes in the country. Only Los Angeles and Chicago have more. These are not just homesteads; like your vehicle, they’re pieces of art. Raleigh’s Tonic Design recently built a house for local musician Michael Rank that turns the heads of passersby. Durham’s eco-conscious BuildSense, Inc. works with its clients to customize their residences in much the same way Chevrolet enables customers to create cars that fit their style. Wouldn’t your car look cool parked here?

But your Impala isn’t just built; it’s tailored. Andrew Spatz’s METALhouse, located just outside Chicago in Evanston, IL, is similarly designed. It features an interior that’s as exquisitely detailed as your Impala’s “dual-cockpit,” with cabinetry and faucet fixtures as stylish as your vehicle’s dashboard. Zoka Zola Architecture in Chicago is known as an urban design innovator. Their award-winning Pfanner House started out as a cramped brownstone and was transformed into an airy living space that makes you feel free-spirited, just like when you put the windows down and it’s just you and your Impala on the open road.

If North Carolina is the most unsuspecting place to find modernist architecture, Los Angeles is probably the most obvious. The entertainment industry has brought Malibu’s eclectic homes and the Hollywood Hills’ expansive, ledge-defying residences into everybody’s living rooms. But Horst Architects take sophistication and innovation to the next level. The Liane Lane home is a prime example of turning old into new, and of the seamless convergence of form and function.

The same can be said of the 2014 Impala—though one of Chevrolet’s most historic vehicles, it continues to set the standard for comfort and style. Today’s Impala still exudes confidence and is re-designed—year after year—with its VIP clientele (that’s you) in mind. Available burnished woodgrain, ventilated seats and a heated steering wheel! I rest my case.

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Greg Barbera of DadCentric is a dad blogger, beer magazine editor and the singer/bass player for the punk band Chest Pains. He lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. You can follow him on twitter @gregeboy, tumblr, Facebook and Blogger. Want to know more? Just Google him.


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