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Chevrolet presents an in-depth look into the world of Mo’ne Davis, the celebrated 13-year-old who is constantly finding new roads. Written and directed by Spike Lee.

For generations, baseball and Chevrolet have fit together like a hand in a batter’s glove. This summer, a young girl from South Philly changed the face of baseball forever. The Mo’ne Davis story is truly inspirational and we had to celebrate it.

Mo’ne captured the hearts of America when she pitched a shutout in a championship baseball game, an accomplishment that resulted in her gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated. The 13-year-old, 5-foot-4-inch baseball phenom throws an incredible 70 MPH fastball (as well as perfect football spirals and “all net” three-pointers). On top of her prodigious physical abilities, she’s also an honor roll student at one of the most well-regarded private schools in Philadelphia.

Mo’ne embodies the spirit at the heart of baseball – the spirit that drives an athlete to push further, to work harder, to see obstacles as merely challenges to be overcome. Chevrolet has long championed these values and we believe that baseball encapsulates the best in us: potential and dedication. That’s why we asked filmmaker Spike Lee to create an in-depth documentary about this remarkable and surprisingly humble teenager. If “throwing like a girl” means a 70 MPH fastball, then maybe it’s the coolest thing a kid can do.

Chevrolet celebrates Mo’ne Davis and those who remind us that anything is possible.


“I Throw Like A Girl” is a look inside the world of Mo’ne Davis, her family and the team rooting along for the triumphs. Written and directed by filmmaker Spike Lee exclusively for Chevrolet.


Poised, talented and humble, Mo’ne Davis’ mature demeanor far exceeds her young age.


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