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Connecting people with a greater community

By Michael Davis

From the first moment the GM Fleet & Commercial Stories From the Road team met Mosaic staffers, they knew that the organization was quite extraordinary. Their 100-year history of working to immerse developmentally disabled individuals into the greater community is awe-inspiring to say the least. But it wasn’t until the crew was conducting interviews in a Mosaic Chevy Express passenger van that they stumbled across the strongest representation of Mosaic’s mission in action.

Director Tyler Manson asked a passenger, Kristi, a Mosaic client with cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis, what the van symbolized to her. Kristi replied, “It’s most wonderful. To get out of the house and you know, to get away. It feels good to run away for a while. You get out of the house and do something fun and get out to the community. It’s like freedom, you know?”

Kristi’s final words lingered. The film crew, dumbstruck, fell silent. Only the soft hum of the road and gentle click clack of the blinker filled the van’s cabin. After a few moist eyes were dabbed and stunned expressions faded, Manson softly called for the camera to cut. It was at that very moment that the crew realized they had captured the single most poignant piece of testimonial during their entire two-week cross-country tour.





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