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When this transitional space between your
car and your home is organized, you’re

By Kate Hanley

The mud room may have an inglorious name, but it performs a vital function: This transitional space between your car and your home sets the stage for you to actually make it into your Equinox with everything you need—and put everything back in its proper place when you return. While you’re on the road, of course, there’s no such thing as clutter: Your Equinox’s Multi-Flex® Sliding Rear Seat features a 60/40 split-fold design to easily make room for passengers, cargo or both. You can slide it back to add almost 8 inches of rear leg room, forward to add 8 inches of cargo room, or fold it completely flat to create 63.7 cubic feet of maximum cargo space*.

So why can’t your mud room be more like your vehicle? These 7 storage and organizing solutions will help make this humble—but essential—part of your home run as well as the finely-tuned machine you drive.

Minimalist organization
Sometimes the simplest solution is the most elegant. The Magnetter organizer from Umbra helps streamline the look of this clutter-attracting room, and keeps important papers and keys within arm’s reach of the door. (, $17)

A pop of color
Add personality to and take advantage of vertical space in this functional room with a one-of-a-kind hanging coat rack. This handmade driftwood beauty boasts six hooks. (, $98)

Rotating shoe storage
This swiveling, circular shoe rack holds 20 pairs with only a two-foot footprint. Think of it as a lazy Susan for shoes. (, $199.95)

Mud gatekeeper
Keep the snow, dirt and grime of winter outside where it belongs with this mud-loving doormat. One part lined boot tray and one part thirsty welcome mat, this is no ordinary rug, and it will help ensure that no dirty boots darken your doorstep (literally) this winter. (, $59.95)

A place to rest your weary boots
Give your grimy boots a place to drain and protect your floor from soggy stains with an attractive boot tray from Crate and Barrel. (, $39.95)

(And if you have a big family, here’s an oversized version—it’s not as pretty, but it will give every soggy shoe a home.) (, $30.95)

Creative catchall
Coats and shoes are fairly easy to find homes for. What about things with more unwieldy shapes or odd sizes? The always innovative home décor blog Apartment Therapy suggests using empty paint cans—attached to the wall with a screw drilled through the bottom of each can—as the perfect spot for draping scarves (across the top), stashing gloves (inside the cans) and storing dog leashes (over the handles of the cans). Line them up in one even vertical row, make an unusual grouping, or hang them low on the wall for kid-friendly cubbies.

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Kate Hanley is the co-author of The 28 Days Lighter Diet and the founder of She and her husband are currently adding a mudroom and half-bath to their fixer-upper in Providence, RI.

*Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution.


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