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Dedicated to the Drag Strip

The shaking and rocking of the Big Block. The smoke from the burnout box. The smell of burning rubber. You’d rather be drag racing, right? We’re right there with you.

From burnout to finish line, Chevrolet Performance Parts boasts one of NHRA’s strongest legacies. Our development of Pro Stock engines, big blocks that compete in all forms of bracket racing, and parts used in Stock Eliminator classes are all part of our drag racing history. Chevrolet Performance Parts is also a contingency sponsor for several NHRA classes, offering blocks, heads, and the Body-in-White Camaro shell.

The COPO Camaro Legend Continues

Chevrolet Performance wanted to offer customers a factory racecar, so we resurrected the COPO Camaro to honor the COPO (Central Office Production Order) cars from 1969 that were purpose-built drag racing Camaros. It was specifically offered for off-highway, competitive NHRA use only and could not be registered, titled, licensed, or driven on public roads. It was designed to NHRA racing specifications, including a solid axle and a full chrome-moly roll cage. Only 69 cars were built each year for 2012 and 2013.

Three high-performance engines and transmissions were offered, and some customers chose the collectible package that included all three engines. How do they run? Supercharged engines have tripped the timing lights in the high 8-second range, while normally aspirated 427s could run in the mid-9s. It’s definitely a winner. Visit the COPO Camaro page to find out more.


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