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Reinventing the commute.

In southern California, the daily commute can be brutal. What you do, where you go, and life in general can often be dictated by daily traffic patterns. vRide, a U.S. based ride sharing program provider, has set out to change that- And they’re using the Chevrolet Traverse and Express Van to help make it happen.

Jim Appleby, vRide’s Customer Care Manager, beams with pride when he describes how vRide passengers and drivers are saving time, saving money, and doing something positive for the environment.

According to Jeff Bell, vRide's Chief Marketing Officer, ride share participants can save money when sharing the cost of fuel, parking, tolls, insurance, and more. To see how much money you could save, check out vRide’s calculator at vride.com/benefits-money.

For many, the positive impact on the environment is just as important as the financial benefit. Jeff Bell, vRide’s chief marketing officer explained that last year vRide’s 7,000 individual rideshare routes helped remove 45,000 vehicles from the road during peak travel times and further, helped prevent 350,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the environment.

Appleby strongly believes that the first and most important step in gaining new members is helping them “…believe in what you’re providing.” He continued by saying “The Chevy Express and the Chevy Traverse are great vehicles for that because it brings that confidence and trust that we can bring to our customer for a safe ride to work.”

By working together, GM Fleet & Commercial and vRide have created a strong partnership that will have a lasting positive impact across the country for many years to come.



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