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An interview with Trista Schieffer, the lead development engineer on the Spark EV.

If the Spark EV were a movie, the first song on the soundtrack would be “Eye of the Tiger.” If it were a cereal brand, the toy inside would be “something much bigger than expected” according to Trista Schieffer, the lead development engineer on the Spark EV. “It’s the Willy Wonka story where you get the golden ticket”

“They underestimated this vehicle in the beginning…people weren’t taking it seriously.”

That all changed when Chevrolet introduced its first all electric vehicle at this year’s Los Angeles International Auto Show. Its ability to be gas and emissions free and still tote instant power and surprising performance embodies Schieffer’s positive, why-not attitude.

“We’ve surprised a number of people because we haven't always followed the rules. ‘It can’t be done’ wasn’t in our vocabulary.”

Not only does the Spark EV generate a new and exciting option for customers but it also creates opportunities for engineers to question how a car is made and tested.

“We've had to be very creative in digging into what is important to the customer … not just check the box.

The knowledge and experience of previous electrified vehicles such as the Chevy Volt and the EV1 helped cultivate the Spark EV.

“By tweaking mom’s recipe we were able to turn something good into something great.”

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Destination Freight Charges

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