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After receiving entries from around the world in the Chevrolet Route 66 contest, one film was selected to air during the telecast of Super Bowl XLVI.

Filmmakers from 32 countries entered the contest, hoping that their film would be the one selected to air during the telecast of Super Bowl XLVI. Some were funny, some were emotional and others were just plain entertaining.

After narrowing down the films to 35 finalists, Zach Borst’s film “Chevy Happy Grad” was selected as the winner and was seen by an estimated 100 million plus viewers during the telecast of Super Bowl XLVI.


Chevy Happy Grad

Zach Borst, USA

The winning film shows how graduation day is a time full of memories, friends and lots and lots of gifts. For this happy grad, the gift from his parents is far from what he expected.

And don’t forget to watch all of the incredible stunts the Chevy Sonic is taking part in.

Here are the regional winners from the Chevrolet Route 66 contest.

North America Winner: Chevy Driving Academy

Kenneth Wales and Jason Lansing, USA

The process of becoming a Chevy driver could be pretty intense – and odd. Watch how this man becomes Chevy ready.

South America Winner: Long Night

Juan Manuel Echalecu, Argentina

This dad hopes to see every play of The Big Game but his biggest fan isn’t making that so easy. It’s a good thing Chevy is there to help.

Europe Winner: Found in Translation

Cal Hanlon, Spain

Certain sayings and words have different meanings in different cultures. Fortunately for these two people, there’s a Chevrolet – or Chevy – that they can finally agree on.

Middle East/Africa Winner: Larry!

Amour Setter, South Africa

For Larry and his wife, having their first child is an experience she’ll never forget and one he’ll never remember.

Asia Pacific Winner: The Driver

Lawrence Chen and Hagan Wong, China

In this thriller, the driver picks up the usual suspects to get somewhere they absolutely need to be.




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