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3 music festivals that break the mold

By Greg Barbera

As a Sonic driver, you’re never out of touch, thanks to Chevrolet MyLink* radio, which puts all your musical needs at your fingertips. And as a music aficionado, you’re always on the lookout to discover something new, whether it’s on the road at the prompt of a voice command via Siri Eyes Free** or in a mosh pit. If you’re at the wheel of a Sonic, it’s a seamless transition from the new audio worlds you’re exploring inside your car on the way to a concert and the ones you explore live and in person when you get there.

So head out and enjoy the best of both worlds at these off-the-beaten-track music festivals.

Bring Your Earplugs

Located in central Texas and situated on the Colorado River, Austin is home to bluebonnets, the Congress Avenue bridge bats and chicken fried steak. It’s also the site of Chaos in Tejas—a multi-day musical extravaganza. From May 30 through June 2, punk bands from around the world will converge on the capital city. Expect to find yourself surrounded by studded leather jackets, bullet belts and spiked Mohawks. Old school proto-punk and ferocious hardcore will be joined by D-beat worshippers and gritty garage rawk. All, of course, delivered at high decibels.

Let the Good Times Roll

When the annual FloydFest music festival takes place July 25-28, the small town of Floyd, VA, transforms into a tent city, with the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains as a backdrop. Good thing your Sonic has the cargo space to transport your camping gear as well as room for a cooler full of sustenance to keep your body fueled up for the festivities. There’s something for everybody at FloydFest, from the toe-tapping sounds of bluegrass and folk to the high-energy, make-you-wanna-dance sound of zydeco. If you need a break, there are workshops, how-to panels and a healing arts area just in case you feel the need to do some yoga. Le bon temps roulé!

What’s in a Name?

In the game of hopscotch, the goal is to hop through the court without missing a square or stepping on a line. At Hopscotch the music festival, almost 175 music acts fill more than a dozen music venues in the downtown Raleigh, NC, area. You’d be hard pressed to hop to every venue and see every band—but that’s a goal for some attendees. Hopscotch takes place September 5-7 and features a globe-spanning lineup with more genres and styles than you could dream up. Kinda like the features of your Sonic—you’re only limited by your own imagination. The festival is also about discovery and sustainability. The promoters are committed to offsetting their carbon footprint. And with 35 percent of the performers being local, a poster exhibit and an artisan market, you’re sure to find something new.

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Greg Barbera of DadCentric is a dad blogger, beer magazine editor and the singer/bass player for the punk band Chest Pains. He lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. You can follow him on Twitter @gregeboy, Tumblr, Facebook and Blogger.



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