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7 warmer-uppers for winter drives

By Kate Hanley

Whether your winter adventure of choice is ice skating, skiing or trudging a few feet from the car to snap a snow-scape, thank goodness your 2014 Chevrolet Impala is loaded with sophisticated features to literally warm your driving experience: available heated, ventilated front seats, for starters, and—get this—an available heated steering wheel.

But if you want to thaw your soul as well as your extremities when you return to your car, here are seven additional treats to keep on hand. They’re sure to make the end of the adventure every bit as enticing as the beginning!

Hot Cocoa

I mean, duh—winter expeditions practically require hot cocoa. These single-serve packs, from the Oregon-based Moonstruck Chocolate Co., are perfect for stashing in your glove box. Simply stir them into your thermos of warm milk or water and voila: delicious defrosting.


Add-a-Cup by Thermos stores 35 ounces, comes with two cups, has an extra compartment to stash marshmallows and keeps liquids hot for 12 hours. Best of all, it allows you to pour without removing the stopper—perfect for preventing spills in your pristine Impala interior.

Shearling Slippers

Sorel’s slipper-shoes for her and for him offer the comfort and coziness of your warmest slippers, and the rubber outsole with thick treads helps keep you steady on icy ground as you dash from the car into the house.

Fleece Pants

Get out of those snow-soaked clothes and into some super-warm, comfy fleece pants. You may never take them off! This pair from The North Face comes in his and hers versions.

Wool Blanket

Stash this beautiful Allegheny blanket in your more than ample cargo space so you can cozy up while you drink your hot cocoa. Or give it to the kids in the backseat—maybe they’ll sleep all the way home.

Muscle Relief and Warming in One

If your winter endeavor required exertion (or included some pratfalls), ward off aching muscles by rubbing heat into your skin with Arnica Warming Relief Massage Oil. It’ll keep you from stiffening up on the ride home.

The Best Chapped Lip—and Chapped Face—Reliever Ever

Never mind that this Baby Lip & Cheek Balm, by organic skincare line erbaviva, is designed for babies. It’ll soothe your cracked lips and wind-burned cheeks like nobody’s business.

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Kate Hanley is a writer who lives in Providence, Rhode Island. Her favorite outdoor winter activity is sledding.

Photo by Getty Images


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