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Malibu offers a sleek and dramatic design that gives it a standout presence. Provide your own style and touch with Accessories that are designed, engineered, tested and backed by Chevrolet. View the list ofaccessories below then contact your local Chevrolet dealer to place an order today.

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  • Cargo Mat
    Cargo Mat
    Be prepared for all weather conditions with this Premium All-Weather Cargo Mat. It conforms perfectly to the cargo area of your vehicle, and the custom-designed, deep-patterned grid collects rain, mud, snow and debris.
    MSRP - $70
  • Cargo Net
    Cargo Net
    Secure cargo in the trunk of your Malibu with this handy Cargo Net, perfect for keeping items such as groceries and soccer balls in place while in transit.
    MSRP - $50
  • Cargo Organizer
    Cargo Organizer
    Help protect the front seat back of your Malibu with this Front Seat Back Pad. included are easy access storage pockets and a material covering thathelps protect the back of the seat from tiny footprints.
    MSRP - $50
  • Remote Start Kit
    Remote Start Kit
    By pressing a button on the key fob, this handy Remote Start system starts your parked vehicle; great for pre-warming or pre-cooling your vehicle. It is seamlessly integrated with your vehicle's anti-theft and remote keyless entry systems. Not compatible with OnStar RemoteLink system.
    MSRP - $275
  • Emblems - Exterior
    Emblems - Exterior
    Dress up your vehicle with these distinctive front and rear Black Bowtie Emblems.
    MSRP - $95
  • Mirror Caps
    Mirror Caps
    Enhance the exterior appearance of your Malibu with these Outside Rear View Mirror Covers.
    MSRP - $90
  • Splash Guards - Molded
    Splash Guards - Molded
    Protect the exterior of your Malibu from tire splash and mud with these Custom Molded Splash Guards. Specifically designed for your vehicle, they mount to the body just behind the wheels for an integrated, stylish appearance.
    MSRP - $50
  • Spoiler
    Add a sporty appearance to your vehicle with this low-profile Flush Mount Rear Spoiler that extends the width of the deck lid. Available in a variety of exterior colors.
    MSRP - $250 to $300
  • Door Sill Plates - Illuminated
    Door Sill Plates - Illuminated
    Add a stylish accent to the entry area of your Malibu while also helping to protect against scratches and scrapes with these Illuminated Door Sill Plates.
    MSRP - $325
  • Door Sill Plates - Non-Illuminated
    Door Sill Plates - Non-Illuminated
    Add a stylish accent to the entry area of your Malibu while also helping to protect against scratches and scrapes with these stainless steel Door Sill Plates. Front plates feature the Chevrolet logo.
    MSRP - $75
  • Floor Mats - Carpet Replacement
    Floor Mats - Carpet Replacement
    Help protect the floor of your Malibu from mud, water, road salt and dirt with these Premium Carpet Front and Rear Floor Mats.
    MSRP - $100 to $130
  • Floor Mats - Premium All-Weather
    Floor Mats - Premium All-Weather
    These Premium All-Weather Floor Mats provide an exact fit to the front and rear floor of your Malibu to help protect the interior from mud, snow and debris. Set of four.
    MSRP - $130
  • Pedal Covers
    Pedal Covers
    Enhance the appearance of your Malibu with this stylish Pedal Cover Kit. The stainless steel and black design provides a sporty look to the interior. Includes accelerator and brake cover.
    MSRP - $165
  • Smoker's Package
    Smoker's Package
    This convenient Smoker's Package is designed for those who choose to smoke in their vehicle. The ashtray fits perfectly into the standard cupholder and is easy to remove.
    MSRP - $55
  • Reflective Triangle
    Reflective Triangle
    Signal caution to other drivers during unexpected roadside stops or other emergency events with this Reflective Triangle. It folds up into a convenient carrying case when not in use.
    MSRP - $15
  • Wheel Lock Kit
    Wheel Lock Kit
    Help deter thieves from taking the wheels off your vehicle with this Wheel Lock Kit, which includes 4 locks and a unique key.
    MSRP - $40
  • Center Caps
    Center Caps
    Complete the look of your Malibu with these Center Caps for your wheels made of durable material help resist corrosion corrosion for a long life. They feature the Chevy Bowtie logo.
    MSRP - $30
  • Lug Nuts
    Lug Nuts
    Complement the wheels on your vehicle with these decorative Lug Nuts with Chrome Caps.
    MSRP - $90
  • Suspension Package
    Suspension Package
    Add an element of road handling performance to your Malibu with this Suspension Lowering Kit.
    MSRP - $375

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