Chevy Performance Fuel Newsletter 2013 #11: Winter Build Issue

The Winter Build Issue

As the year comes to a close and New Year’s resolutions are right around the corner, winter becomes a time of reflection. But while most are thinking about losing a couple pounds, giving up that one bad habit, or keeping in better contact with friends, gearheads are thinking about how to use the season’s abundance of garage time to improve, tweak, or transform their projects.

We at Chevrolet Performance know this better than anyone else as we prepare our project resolutions at the end of the year, too. That is why we think we have one of the best selections of parts for getting projects done in the limited amount of time winter provides. We even brought in Gary Mulder, Project Manager Chevrolet Specialty Vehicles, to offer some tips on how the experts get their winter builds done. Read on to see how Chevrolet can help you fulfill your project resolution.


Project Difficulty Budget

Was getting rid of project procrastination one of your resolutions? Or maybe you’re just lucky to live somewhere with a warm enough climate to enjoy a short off-season. Our selection of Connect & Cruise crate powertrain systems can help out by providing everything you need to install an entire factory-tuned powertrain in your project. Mulder loves them for the ease of installation. “All the calibration and tuning is done to factory standards,” he says. “All you have to do is add fuel and 12 volts and they’ll run beautifully on the first crank.” Take all of the guesswork and tracking down separate components out of the equation by having it all provided for you, cutting down on time spent planning and organizing, and getting you back out on the road.

LSA Connect & Cruise

MSRP $21,696.50

Winter Build: LSA Connect & Cruise MSRP $21,696.50

LS3 Connect & Cruise

MSRP $13,656.04

Winter Build: LS3 Connect & Cruise MSRP $13,656.04

LC9 Connect & Cruise

MSRP $12,017.49

Winter Build: LC9 Connect & Cruise MSRP $12,017.49


“No matter how confident you are around an engine, don’t forget about the instruction manual. These are extremely complex systems, and there are a lot of great tips and insights in the manual. It can really save you in a time crunch.”


Project Difficulty Budget

If you still need the convenience of a crate engine, but need something easier on the budget or are particular in your transmission selection, Chevrolet Performance has a selection of engines that come with everything you need to make the power, but leave it up to you to get it to the ground. And, as Mulder reminds us, they come with unbelievable reliability. “These parts undergo the same amount of testing, like vibration and stress testing, as production parts do,” he says. “And the warranties are provided by Chevrolet, not by some third-party shop.” The best part, he concludes, is that they all start as brand-new motors, not rebuilt ones like some other crate-engine manufacturers.

350 HO

MSRP $5,914

Winter Build: 350 HO MSRP $5,914

ZZ5 350

MSRP $8,312.50

Winter Build: ZZ5 350 MSRP $8,312.50

Fast Burn 385

MSRP $7,237

Winter Build: Fast Burn 385 MSRP $7,237



''Keep a logbook of every part you put into the build. Not only will it help you to try to track down a part that might need replacing in the future, but it will also come in handy if you ever sell the vehicle. It can show the future buyer the care that went into the project, as well as give them a detailed breakdown of everything that went in it, saving them time if they need to find replacements.”



Project Difficulty Budget

If you’re looking to put your mechanic skills to the test, have quite a bit of garage time planned for this winter, or want to build a specific setup for your project, Chevrolet Performance has limitless possibilities for you. You can purchase a base engine to save some money and modify it to your liking, or even start with a bare block and build everything to your own demanding specification. With more than 3,000 parts to offer, you’re certain to find the exact setup you want.

So if you, like Mulder, are more of the adventurous type, take a look through our selection of parts by following one of the links below.

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SEMA-worthy Silverado

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2014 Chevrolet Performance Parts Catalog

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“Plan ahead! Taking the time at the beginning of the build will save you loads of time in the future trying to reverse-engineer or modify parts that weren’t made to fit together. The Chevrolet Performance catalog is a great reference for this. It gives measurements and clearances for things like accessory drive kits right in it, so you can know what will fit even before ordering.”

To learn more about Gary Mulder, as well as some of the projects he’s worked on through the years — like the 1935 Chevrolet Pickup he’s currently working on — check out The BLOCK’s interview with him here.



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In honor of the season, we want to see what you have planned for your garage time this year. Simply take a photo of your project and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #FUELWinterBuild, and we’ll review the submissions to choose our top five. Then we’ll open up voting for our Facebook fans to pick the best. If your photo is selected, we’ll follow up in few months, post it to our social media pages, and write about it in FUEL. So get snapping.

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