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Spark Accessories

Underneath an all-new sleeker exterior appearance, Spark builds on its exceptional reputation as a mini-car with a great deal to offer. Enhance its fun-driving experience with Spark Accessories that are designed, engineered, tested and backed by Chevrolet. Make your choices and contact your local Chevrolet dealer to place an order today.

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  • Cargo Area Organizer
    Cargo Area Organizer
    Keep cargo stored neatly and securely in Spark with this Cargo Organizer.
    MSRP - $150
  • Cargo Net
    Cargo Net
    Enhance the efficiency of your Spark with this envelope style Cargo Net. It attaches easily to the sides of your cargo area to keep small, light items neat and handy while in transit.
    MSRP - $50
  • Premium All-Weather Cargo Area Mat
    Premium All-Weather Cargo Area Mat
    This custom-molded Premium All-Weather Cargo Mat features a heavy-duty nonskid surface and a raised outer lip to help contain cargo and spills in the trunk of your Spark. Contact your Chevrolet dealership for more information.
    MSRP - $65
  • Fog Lamps
    Fog Lamps
    The illuminating beam of these Foglamps minimizes fog glare in misty driving conditions, aiming a low-angle beam on the road ahead.
    MSRP - $300
  • Bodyside Molding Package
    Bodyside Molding Package
    Add accent styling and protection to your Spark with this Bodyside Molding Package. Packages are available in select body colors to match the exterior of your Spark.
    MSRP - $160 to $190
  • Chrome Bodyside Moldings
    Chrome Bodyside Moldings
    Add accent styling and protection to your Spark with these Front and Rear Chrome Side Door Moldings.
    MSRP - $190
  • Decal/Stripe Package
    Decal/Stripe Package
    Add an expressive, colorful touch to your Spark with this Decal Package. For use on vehicles without the CF5 Sunroof.
    MSRP - $200
  • Ground Effects
    Ground Effects
    Ground Effects for Spark in a variety of available colors create dramatic, ground-hugging looks.
    MSRP - $900 to $995
  • Molded Splash Guards
    Molded Splash Guards
    A choice of front or rear Molded Splash Guards fit directly behind the wheels, helping to protect Spark from tire splash and mud.
    MSRP - $50
  • Outside Rearview Mirror Cover
    Outside Rearview Mirror Cover
    Add a finishing touch to your Spark with these Outside Rearview Mirror Covers available in several body colors.
    MSRP - $65
  • Rear Bumper Fascia Insert
    Rear Bumper Fascia Insert
    Help protect the rear bumper area of your Spark with this lower Rear Bumper Fascia Insert/Underbody Shield designed specifically for your vehicle.
    MSRP - $200
  • Window Trim Molding Package
    Window Trim Molding Package
    Window Trim Molding Packages add a new dimension in styling to Spark's sporty looks.
    MSRP - $25
  • Grille Surround
    Grille Surround
    These upper and lower Grille Inserts feature various colored surrounds. They are designed for a perfect fit and easy installation to replace the existing Grille on your Spark.
    MSRP - $150 to $200
  • Aluminum Door Sill Plates
    Aluminum Door Sill Plates
    Help protect the entry area of your Spark against scratches and scrapes with these Aluminum Door Sill Plates.
    MSRP - $75
  • Front and Rear Premium Carpet Floor Mats
    Front and Rear Premium Carpet Floor Mats
    Help protect the floor of your Spark from dirt, mud, debris and moisture with Front and Rear Premium Carpet Floor Mats.
    MSRP - $100 to $125
  • Instrument Panel Trim Plate
    Instrument Panel Trim Plate
    Add a colorful accent to your Spark with this Instrument Panel Trim Plate.
    MSRP - $125
  • Premium All Weather Floor Mats
    Premium All Weather Floor Mats
    Front and Rear Premium All-Weather Floor Mats provide an outstanding fit to the floor of your Spark to help protect the interior from mud, water, road salt and dirt.
    MSRP - $130
  • Smoker's Package
    Smoker's Package
    This Smoker's Package is convenient for those who choose to smoke in their vehicle. It fits easily into the standard cup holder and is easy to remove.
    MSRP - $55
  • Sport Pedal Kit
    Sport Pedal Kit
    Rev up Spark's performance vibe with a Sport Pedal Kit, available for either manual or automatic transmissions. The stainless steel and black finish tops off Spark's sporty looks.
    MSRP - $100 to $120
  • Wheel Lock Kit
    Wheel Lock Kit
    Help deter thieves from taking the wheels off your vehicle with this Wheel Lock Kit, which includes 4 locks and a unique key.
    MSRP - $40
  • Center Cap
    Center Cap
    Enhance the appearance of the wheels on your Spark with this distinctive Center Cap.
    MSRP - $20
  • Wheel Inserts
    Wheel Inserts
    For a more personalized touch, accent your 15-Inch wheels with these distinctive Wheel Spoke Pocket Inserts in Gray.  Sold in sets of 5.
    MSRP - $50
  • 15 Inch Wheel - 5-Spoke Black with Inserts (SDV)
    15 Inch Wheel - 5-Spoke Black with Inserts (SDV)
    Customize your Spark with these 15 inch Black painted 5-spoke wheels with inserts, validated to GM specifications. Package includes center caps, wheel inserts, and a wheel lock kit.
    MSRP - $20 to $250
  • 1 1 Prices below may vary based on model trim level, and exclude installation and taxes. Contact your dealer for details.

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