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2017 Volt Accessories

The revolutionary Volt is the electric car that’s changing the way America drives. And now you can add accessories Designed, Engineered, Tested and Backed by Chevrolet to truly stand apart in function and style. Just contact your local Chevrolet store to place an order.

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  • Cargo Net
    Cargo Net
    This flexible Cargo Net can be installed in two different positions. A zipper on each side of the Cargo Net allows you to choose the position that works best to help keep items from shifting in the cargo area of your Volt. Unzip for a flat floor net or close the zipper to form an envelope-style stor...
    MSRP - $50
  • Storage Bag
    Storage Bag
    Use this attractive Storage Bag to stash and conceal miscellaneous items in the rear compartment area of your Volt. Ideal for storing and transporting an extra charge cord, the Storage Case features convenient carrying handles and straps to secure it in place, preventing shifting while in transit. A...
    MSRP - $100
  • Illuminated Charge Port
    Illuminated Charge Port
    Locate the charge port of your Volt with ease with this Illuminated Charge Port Door. The glow around the perimeter of the port opening creates a convenient guide for plugging in your Volt.
    MSRP - $175
  • Universal Tablet Holder
    Universal Tablet Holder
    Second-row passengers can add another dimension of convenience to using personal computer tablets on the road with a Universal Tablet Holder. It securely holds a single tablet against the front seatback in a choice of Portrait or Landscape orientations, attaching to the driver- or front-passenger-se...
    MSRP - $95
  • Bowtie Emblems
    Bowtie Emblems
    Dress up your Volt with distinctive front and rear Black Bowtie Emblems.
    MSRP - $95
  • Outside Rearview Mirror Cover
    Outside Rearview Mirror Cover
    Add a stylish look to your Volt with these Outside Rearview Mirror Covers available in several colors.
    MSRP - $120
  • Ambient Lighting
    Ambient Lighting
    Provide a soft, low-intensity glow to the front footwell and cup holders of your Volt with this Ambient Lighting package. 
    MSRP - $430
  • Door Sill Plates
    Door Sill Plates
    Add a stylish accent to the entry area of your Volt while also helping to protect against scratches and scrapes with these stainless Front Door Sill Plates featuring the Volt logo.
    MSRP - $125
  • Premium All-Weather Floor Mats
    Premium All-Weather Floor Mats
    Help protect the floor of your Volt from rain, snow, dirt and mud with these Premium All-Weather Floor Mats.
    MSRP - $130
  • Premium Carpeted Floor Mats
    Premium Carpeted Floor Mats
    Premium Carpeted Floor Mats with the Volt logo offer personalized style, a quality carpeted surface and the same fit as factory mats.
    MSRP - $140
  • Premium Carpeted Replacement Floor Mats
    Premium Carpeted Replacement Floor Mats
    These Front and Rear Carpeted Replacement Floor Mats provide the same fit as the factory mats for your Volt and offer a quality carpeted surface.
    MSRP - $100
  • Rear Window Shades
    Rear Window Shades
    Help keep the interior of your Volt cooler on hot sunny days while helping protect the rear-seat area from harmful UV rays with reflective Rear Window Shades. A convenient storage case with the Volt logo is included.
    MSRP - $100
  • Sport Pedal Kit
    Sport Pedal Kit
    Personalize the interior of your Volt with this Sport Pedal Kit. 
    MSRP - $165
  • Sunshade Package
    Sunshade Package
    Help keep the interior of your Volt cooler on hot sunny days while helping protect your dashboard from harmful UV rays with the reflective windshield Sunshade Package. A convenient storage case with the Volt logo is included.
    MSRP - $100
  • Reflective Triangle
    Reflective Triangle
    Signal caution to other drivers during unexpected roadside stops or other emergency events with this Reflective Triangle. It folds up into a convenient carrying case when not in use.
    MSRP - $15
  • Wheel Lock Kit
    Wheel Lock Kit
    Help deter thieves from taking the wheels off your vehicle with this Wheel Lock Kit, which includes 4 locks and a unique key.
    MSRP - $40
  • Center Caps
    Center Caps
    Complete the look of your Volt wheels with these Center Caps featuring the Chevrolet logo.
    MSRP - $20
  • 1 1 Prices below may vary based on model trim level, and exclude installation and taxes. Contact your dealer for details.

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