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Volt Accessories

The revolutionary Volt is the electric car that’s changing the way America drives. And now you can add accessories Designed, Engineered, Tested and Backed by Chevrolet to truly stand apart in function and style. Just contact your local Chevrolet store to place an order.

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  • Cargo Net
    Cargo Net
    This flexible Cargo Net can be installed in two different positions. A zipper on each side of the Cargo Net allows you to choose the position that works best to help keep items from shifting in the cargo area of your Volt. Unzip for a flat floor net or close the zipper to form an envelope-style st...
    MSRP - $50
  • Cargo Organizer
    Cargo Organizer
    Use this attractive black storage case to stash and conceal miscellaneous items in the rear compartment area of your Volt. Ideal for storing and transporting an extra charge cord. Features convenient carrying handles, as well as straps to secure it in place to prevent shifting while in transit.
    MSRP - $100
  • Floor Mats - Cargo Area Premium All Weather
    Floor Mats - Cargo Area Premium All Weather
    This Premium All Weather Cargo Mat conforms to the cargo area of your Volt, and the custom deep-ribbed pattern helps keep it clean. Features the Volt logo.
    MSRP - $100
  • Rear Cargo Divider
    Rear Cargo Divider
    The Rear Seat Storage/Barrier is a dual-purpose accessory that provides a storage compartment between the rear passenger seats, while closing the gap between the rear seats and the cargo area. Not For Use with Rear Seat Armrest Package.
    MSRP - $100
  • Battery Charger Cable
    Battery Charger Cable
    This handy Battery Charger Cable lets you carry an extra one with you, so your Volt can always be charged and ready to go.
    MSRP - $470
  • Custom Graphics - Associated Accessories
    Custom Graphics - Associated Accessories
    Volt vehicle graphics by 3MTM Original Wraps® are a great way to add a personal touch. Non-GM warranty. Warranty by Original Wraps®. For information call 1-866-944-9727 or visit www.chevroletgraphics.com. Contact your Chevrolet dealership for more information.
    MSRP - $160
  • License Plate Holder - Universal - Associated Accessories
    License Plate Holder - Universal - Associated Accessories
    Volt owners can add even more style to the exterior of their vehicle with this great looking License Plate Holder by Baron & Baron®. Non-GM warranty. Warranty by Baron & Baron®. For more information, call 1-800-232-2766.
    MSRP - $29
  • Outside Rearview Mirror Cover
    Outside Rearview Mirror Cover
    Add a stylish look to your Volt with these Outside Rear View Mirror Covers. Available in Silver Ice Metallic (GAN), Black (GBA), and Cyber Gray Metallic (GBV). Try mixing and matching with accessory Wheel Inserts too.
    MSRP - $120
  • Vehicle Cover
    Vehicle Cover
    This Vehicle Cover helps protect your Volt whether indoors or out. Handy storage bag included. Both cover and bag feature the Volt logo.
    MSRP - $355
  • Door Sill Plates
    Door Sill Plates
    Add a stylish accent to the entry area of your Volt while also helping to protect against scratches and scrapes with these stainless Door Sill Plates. Front plates feature the Volt logo.
    MSRP - $100
  • Front Floor Console Organizer
    Front Floor Console Organizer
    The Rear Seat Armrest Package fits between the rear passenger seats and is available as an accessory for cloth interior. Made of a durable vinyl and available in two colors; Jet Black and Pebble Beige. Not For Use with Rear Seat Storage/Barrier.
    MSRP - $175
  • Premium All Weather Floor Mats
    Premium All Weather Floor Mats
    Premium All Weather floor mats feature a custom deep-ribbed pattern to collect rain, mud, snow and debris. Nibs on back help hold mats in place and conform to the floor of your Volt. Front mats feature the Volt logo.
    MSRP - $130
  • Premium Carpet Floor Mats
    Premium Carpet Floor Mats
    These Front and Rear Carpet Replacement Floor Mats provide the same fit as factory mats for your Volt with a quality carpeted surface.
    MSRP - $100
  • Smoker's Package
    Smoker's Package
    Convenient for those who choose to smoke in their vehicle, this Smoker's Package includes an Ashtray, Cigarette Lighter, Receptacle and Retainer.
    MSRP - $55
  • Sunshade Package
    Sunshade Package
    The windshield Sunshade Package helps keep your Volt cooler on hot, sunny days and helps protect the dashboard from sun damage. It folds up and fits in an included storage bag. Both the Sunshade and the bag feature the Volt logo.
    MSRP - $100
  • Wheel Lock Kit
    Wheel Lock Kit
    Help deter thieves from taking the wheels off your vehicle with this wheel lock kit, featuring a unique key.
    MSRP - $40
  • 1 1 Prices below may vary based on model trim level, and exclude installation and taxes. Contact your dealer for details.

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