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Get answers from one of our helpful Chevrolet EV Product Specialists Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–Midnight ET Call 1-833-382-4389.

Get answers from one of our helpful Chevrolet EV Product Specialists Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–Midnight ET Call 1-833-382-4389.

Get charged up

You’ll find it’s convenient to plug in at home with a variety of charging options. When you’re on the go, it’s easy to locate one of the more than 174,000 available public chargers — conveniently mapped out in your Google built-in infotainment screen or on the myChevrolet mobile app.

Blazer EV home chargers

If you haven’t already, now’s the time to schedule home charging installation. Whether it’s the Dual Level Charge Cord or Ultium PowerUP, there’s a charger that’ll perfectly fit your personal needs. Installation requirements vary based on charger selection.

Dual Level Charge Cord

Conveniently charge with a Level 1 120-volt 3-prong outlet, or use Level 2 on a 240-volt outlet.

Ultium PowerUP

Charge up to 33% faster than with the Dual Level Charge Cord.

Home charging installation

Consider home charger installation through our trusted associates at Qmerit. They’re ready to help make the process easy.

Public charging

There’s no place like home, but with the help of Google built-In and the myChevrolet mobile app, we’ve made finding and using public chargers just as easy as charging at home.

Google built-in compatibility

With Google built-in compatibility, every drive is more seamless and personalized. With a quick, “Hey Google,” your Google Assistant can provide hands-free help with real-time travel and entertainment needs. Plus, you can download some of your favorite apps and customize your experience — all from your center display.

Sign in

To enable all that Google built-in has to offer, including Google Assistant, Google Play and Google Maps, you’ll first need to get signed in.

How to sign in to Google built-in via Bluetooth®:

  • If using the system for the first time, you'll need to read and accept the terms and privacy policy, then tap Accept.
  • Sign in to your Google account if you have one. You do not need one to use the system.
  • The system will walk you through a few more steps — like setting up Google Assistant and downloading some favorite apps.

Pair your phone

Your compatible smartphone is the key to personalizing your Google built-in experience. Follow a few simple steps to get your phone paired with the system.

How to pair your phone to Google built-in via Bluetooth®:

  • Make sure to allow permissions on your phone during pairing for the best experience. 
  • Your vehicle must be in Park to pair a phone.
  • Press the Push to Talk button on the infotainment screen. After the prompt, say, “Pair my phone.”
  • Alternatively, to use the infotainment screen, select the Phone icon > Manage Phones > +Add Phone.
  • From your phone’s Bluetooth settings, select the name shown on the infotainment screen and follow instructions on the infotainment screen.
  • You’re connected when you see the phone screen displayed.

Voice commands

Google Assistant allows you to operate certain media, vehicle and navigation functions hands-free, using voice commands.

How to use voice commands with Google Assistant:

  • You can start voice commands several ways: saying "Hey Google," tapping the Google Assistant icon on the display screen, pressing and releasing the Push to Talk button, or tapping the microphone icon in Google Maps.
  • Use voice commands such as “Hey Google, text Jack,” “Hey Google, turn up the volume,” or “Hey Google, add a charging station to my route.”

Personalize Google Maps

With Google Maps, you can customize navigation to include places that matter to you and even save them to make your experience more personal. Enjoy live traffic updates, route planning, locating compatible public chargers and more.

How to personalize Google Maps:

  • Press the Google Maps icon on your Home screen.
  • If it’s the first time using the app, you’ll need to accept permissions. Data sharing is required for use.
  • Choose a destination, interest or category. 
  • Google Maps is fully integrated with your vehicle, so it can display the projected charge level when you arrive at your destination, add charging to your route if it is beyond your current battery range and provide optimal routes with suggested public charging options along the way.

Customizable screen

With Google built-in, you can tailor your infotainment screen to your liking by creating shortcuts, setting your favorite radio stations, arranging your apps and more.

How to customize your Google built-in:

  • Begin by opening Google built-in on your Home screen.
  • To rearrange the app icons for easy access, touch and drag the icon to the desired position.
  • Make a shortcut to the apps you use the most by moving the icons to the Applications Tray at the top of the screen.

Download apps

It’s easy to enhance your Google built-in experience by downloading your favorite podcasts, audiobooks, music apps and more.

How to download apps with Google Play:

  • Sign-in to a google account is required to use Google Play.
  • Press the Google Play icon on your Home screen.
  • Select and tap apps you’d like to install the from the catalog.
  • Follow the simple interface.