2013 MOFILM SXSW Contest Winners
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Short Films Inspired by the Ongoing Cycle of Hard Work and Success, Featuring Appearances by Sonic & Spark

We’ve all been told at some point in our lives that we can do anything we set our minds to. But it’s not that simple, is it? When you reach one goal, you don’t rest on your laurels — you set another. Life is a journey in which you never truly arrive at a destination, you just keep moving.

The 2013 MOFILM SXSW Video Contest invited amateur filmmakers to riff on that theme: the inspiring — and never ending — challenge of struggle and achievement. Teaming up again with longtime partner Chevrolet, MOFILM asked entrants to incorporate into their films one of two Chevrolet vehicles that embody the spirit of ambition and optimism: Spark and Sonic. The submissions ranged from slapstick to tearjerker, but the five winning videos — announced at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas — rose above the rest.

1st Place Winner: “Journey”
David Carstens

A musician drives his Spark along the road of life, from busking on the street to coffee house gigs to a growing fan base and recording an album. “I always thought I’d know when I made it,” he says. “And then I realized, the journey never ends.”

2nd Place Winner: “The End?”
Maciej Kawalski

This time, Spark takes an author— and his newly finished manuscript — through wind and snow to a publishing house for review. The book is accepted! Which returns our protagonist to his typewriter to start anew.

3rd Place Winner: “Working the Dream”
Andrew Patterson

Every audition is a potential big break for struggling actress Alexandra. But even when she lands a big role, she knows her work has only just begun.

4th Place Winner: “Fly Away”
Santosh Maithani

Rejection is just new fuel for a rock band trying to make it. Every show gets them that much closer to the big time.

5th Place Winner: “Actor”
Sean Cunningham

A mix of childhood films and new interview footage tell the story of an actor who gave up his day job and risked everything to pursue his dream.


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