Cars and Coffee, Austin, TX 2013
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Find New Roads with Chevrolet

Grab a cup of joe and hang with us at Cars and Coffee Austin—held the second Sunday of every month at The Oasis on Lake Travis—where the whole spectrum of Chevrolet innovation is on display.

“Where does it stop?” marvels Chevy enthusiast Jerry Aikman. “The technology is all right there at the driver’s fingertips. At the push of a button, you can change the whole driving experience.” ]Who is Jerry Aikman and do we have permission to use his name?

Cars and Coffee events are held throughout the year all over the United States and Europe. Find a location near you or join the Cars and Coffee online forum. Connect with other Chevrolet enthusiasts on Facebook.

That’s American ingenuity, to find new roads.

So why just go from A to B, when imagination can take you everywhere? Let Chevrolet help you find new roads.

Watch Chevy Culture blogger Greg Barbera learn to race a Corvette at the Spring Mountain Driving School in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Read about the Hot Wheels Camaro production model, inspired by one of the original Hot Wheels released in 1968, and about one woman’s fantasy of driving the new Corvette Stingray, on Chevy Culture:

Joy Ride in a Dream Car


Watch Chevrolet’s Find New Roads commercials:

Automatic Rear Wiper in Sonic | Chevrolet

Chevy Traverse: Tetris with Cargo Space | Chevrolet

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