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Whether you’re a high-maintenance spa diva or more of a wash-and-go type, Chevrolet makes it easy to take optimum care of your new car with its Complete Care program

By Robin Cherry


How does this sound? Start with a luxuriant scrub performed with extra-soft bristles that gently cleanse while removing impurities for a body that looks and feels satiny smooth, followed by a gentle shampoo and an ultra-rich conditioner for a radiant look. Finish things off with a spritz of delicately scented fragrance, and you’re ready for a sexy night on the town. Sounds like a great day at the spa, right? Nope—it’s you treating your car to a car wash.

So while you take care of the outside, Chevrolet can help you take care of the inside. Even if you’re low maintenance yourself, you want your car to look and feel good both inside and out. That’s why Chevrolet launched its new Complete Care program, available on any purchase or lease, included with your purchase of any 2014 vehicle purchased after May 1, 2013, this expert care ensures your vehicle’s overall performance for the long run. Your Chevrolet purchase now includes 2 years/24,000 miles of scheduled maintenance* by Chevrolet’s Certified Service Experts who will replace your engine oil and oil filter, provide a four-wheel tire rotation, and perform a thorough 27-point inspection that will help ensure your car runs as smoothly as it looks. And they’ll keep a detailed record of your car’s maintenance history that would make your doctor proud, freeing up your memory for amazing road trips.

When you’re on the road, relax and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you and your car will be well taken care of in case anything goes awry. Your 5-year/100,000 Mile 24-Hour Roadside Assistance** includes emergency towing to the closest Chevrolet dealer, and jump starts (both at home and on the road). They’ll change a flat tire, deliver $5 worth of fuel on the road in case your teenage daughter forgets to check the gas gauge (like I once did much to my father’s dismay). They’ll even come and open the door if said daughter accidentally locks her keys in the car (in my defense, I was late for Algebra). And when your car is in the shop for warranty repairs, alternate transportation and/or reimbursement of certain transportation expenses may be available under the Courtesy Transportation Program.

Most Chevrolets are connected by OnStar, which provides a lot of services I could have really used in the ‘80s like the RemoteLink Key Fob Services***, which unlocks your door remotely, and a RemoteLink mobile app, which lets you know how much gas you have left and how far it will get you. You can remotely start your car so it’s warmed up in winter and cooled down in summer, and there’s even a hands-free calling feature that let’s you store your favorite numbers. (I can just say, “Call spa,” and hear those three special words every girl loves to hear: “OK, calling spa.”)

Driving away from the car wash right after my 2014 Sonic was scrubbed, buffed, conditioned and perfumed, I could swear I heard it purr. Now I’m off to get the same treatment. If only there was a Radiance Luxury Spa Complete Care Program. Oh, well. After I’m done, my sexy Sonic and I are going to paint this town red hot.

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Robin Cherry is a Hudson Valley-based travel and food writer. Her first book was Catalog: The Illustrated History of Mail-Order Shopping. Her second, forthcoming this year, is on the history of garlic.

*Covers only scheduled oil changes with filter and tire rotations according to your new vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule for up to 2 years or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first. Does not include air filters. Maximum of four service events. See participating dealer for other restrictions and complete details.

** Whichever comes first. See dealer for limited warranty details.

***Available on select Apple, Windows, Android and BlackBerry devices. Services vary by device, vehicle and conditions.



Complete care
Complete care
Complete care

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