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Even if you don’t drive a Cruze Eco, you can still make a difference

By Stephanie Georgopulos


Driving a fuel-efficient car is one of the best ways that a driver can protect the environment. (Did you know that at 42 MPG highway*, the Cruze Eco offers the best highway mileage of any gas-engine car in America?) A few minor changes in your daily routine (no matter what vehicle you drive) can help make a big impact.

1. Carpool. Duh! Not only will you get to know your office mates, but you’ll also save on gas. Isn’t it nice to be the passenger for once?

2. Plan ahead when you have errands to run, so you can take care of them efficiently in one fell swoop. Why drive home and go back out multiple times? Life isn’t a relay race. Planning ahead is a seriously simple strategy for saving gas and most times, your sanity. Your wallet will thank you.

3. Don’t forget to fill your tires with air every now and then. When your tires start to deflate, it forces the engine to work harder, and in effect, the engine burns more fuel. Spending some pocket change at an air pump once in a while is far less expensive. Check your owner’s manual for more info.

4. Don’t idle. Instead of driving in circles when you’re waiting for your wife to exit the grocery store, just park and turn the car off. As much as you love the feel of the wheel in your hands, turn the car off and give your engine (and the environment) a much-needed break.

5. Clean out your car regularly. Not only is an uncluttered car nice to look at, but the heavier the car, the harder the engine has to work. The harder the engine has to work, the more fuel it requires. So be proactive and only keep the necessities—registration and insurance papers, and emergency gear—on hand.

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Stephanie Georgopulos is an editor at Thought Catalog. Her work has been featured on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Awl, Gizmodo, The Next Web, Refinery 29 and elsewhere. Email her at Stephanie@thoughtcatalog.com.

*Based on EPA-estimates.


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