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A music festival comes straight to your Sonic thanks to its smart new app

By Kate Silver

A music festival comes with a certain air of mystery. Maybe you know a couple of the headliners, maybe a few of the smaller bands sound familiar. But often with multi-day fests, it’s a leap of faith—you really don’t know what you’re going to hear on any given day until you get there. It’s hit or miss. That won’t be the case with The Hangout Music Fest, which takes place on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama May 17–19. Here, festivalgoers have a few weeks to get their hangout on before the event, thanks to the fest’s app, Hangout powered by TuneIn, which allows you to listen to the lineup’s music, pick and choose songs to create your own lineup, share it with friends via social media and plan your own personalized schedule in advance, so you can make the most of the experience. It also keeps you up to date on the latest festival news.

Plus, through available features like Chevrolet MyLink Radio, with its 7-inch diagonal color touch-screen/command deck of ingenuity, vehicles like the Sonic are transforming your trip to the music festival—both literally and figuratively—into a festival of its own, jam-packed with new discoveries. With the touch of a button and the help of Bluetooth, you can stream Pandora Internet Radio and Stitcher Smart Radio, which can steer you toward Hangout bands featured in the Hangout app. Both Chevrolet and the Hangout get it: Hanging out involves a great soundtrack.

This year’s soundtrack includes tunes from Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Stevie Wonder, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Kings of Leon, The Sheepdogs, Best Coast, Galactic and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. In just seconds, on your smartphone, you can pick and choose who you want to listen to by using the app, which also connects you to each artist’s website and other fun content, like videos. If you’re feeling indecisive, you can simply stream the app’s Hangout Radio for a veritable Hangout buffet.

Once you’ve shared your own personal lineup with friends via social media, the cutting-edge app can also help you find out which of your friends will be in attendance and—this is always fun to see—discover where your tastes overlap. The app can also help you figure out where your paths will cross, thanks to a map of the festival grounds, and even gives you a list of all the restaurants that are on site (corn dogs, BBQ, roti rolls, fro-yo and more). Be sure to locate the Chevrolet stage and other surprises Chevy has in store.

Don’t forget to use the app’s Beach Cam to take a picture of your favorite Hangout moment, then Hangout-ify it with a Hangout filter.

The idea of hanging out used to conjure up images of teens sitting around the house, blasting their tunes, wishing for more adventure. At the Hangout Music Fest, hanging out and adventure are one in the same. And the Hangout app, which is available year-round, lets you experience it all over and over again.

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Kate Silver is an award-winning journalist and editor based in Chicago. Her work appears regularly in Spirit Magazine, Men’s Health, the Chicago Tribune and Midwest Living, as well as on


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