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Like the technology in the 2014 Traverse, Audio-Formatted alerts can keep you on track and intact while doing errands by car.

By Jeana Lee Tank

I’ve been pretty forgetful recently—and yes, I’m totally blaming it on pregnancy brain. Little things like neglecting to send in permission slips or pick up prescriptions, or going to the grocery store and forgetting the one item I went there to get, are adding up to a big bunch of “oh, shoot!” moments. Definitely time for some tech intervention to help me through this foggy-brained phase.

Luckily, I found a pretty amazing mobile app that acts like a personal assistant—or a more well-functioning brain—and ensures that I stay on top of all those pesky errands and to-dos. Don’t Forget Your List is a GPS-based reminder service that lets you load in the places you frequent around town (post office, pharmacy, grocery store, bank, etc.) and then assign tasks to them. Once you’ve set a reminder, you can personalize the app to send you an alert when you’re driving and get within 1 mile, ½ mile, ¼ mile or arrive at the parking lot of the location. Genius, I must say.

Having a constant reminder service sounded too good to be true, but when I put the app to the test using a dress that had been sitting at the dry cleaners for far too long, it passed with flying colors. I simply loaded my local dry cleaner into the app and added “poor lonely dress” as the task (why not make errands more comical?). Lo and behold, about ¼ mile from the location, I got the alert and smiled to myself knowing that I’d found a solution that could replace the part of my brain that’s taken a hiatus.

I love that I can customize not only where along the route I receive alerts, but also the way in which I receive them, ranging from blunt—someone singing “It’s time to spend money!”—tomore subdued chime sounds. I know that when I hear those app-specific tones I’ll instantly be reminded of the items I need to get. And like the available Side Blind Zone Alert in the Traverse, these alerts give me audio notifications, so I don’t have to check my phone or do anything that might distract me from driving safely.

Plus, there are so many uses for this app beyond one-off errand reminders: You can keep a running grocery list, have an ongoing to-do list of things that aren’t as time-sensitive (like what you want to get at Target on a future visit) and use it as an overall organizational tool. It’s also helpful that you can view “all” to see the full array of never-ending tasks that need to be checked off…sometime, somehow.

After I have this baby, I know pregnancy brain will morph into sleep-deprived-mom brain, so thank goodness I’ve found a tech solution that can help me at least remember those all-important tasks. Wait, what did I need to get again?

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Jeana Lee Tahnk is a tech writer and contributes to sites like Mashable, and Daily Candy. She is also Associate Editor at Cool Mom Tech, a site that helps parents navigate the best and coolest tech and gadgets for their families. Follow her on Twitter @jeanatahnk.


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