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Surf’s Up!

By Greg Barbera

You can’t walk to the perfect wave. So when you check the surf report and hear big sets are rolling in, jump in your Sonic Hatchback and head to the shore. If turning corners in your available turbo-charged vehicle gets your adrenaline going, how do you think you’ll feel once you’re on the face of that wave? Stoked.

The Sonic Hatchback’s 60/40 split-folding rear seat is the perfect match for your surfboard. In minutes, fold it down, slide your board in and head to the ocean. The available BringGo* navigation app, which you can connect through the Sonic’s available Chevrolet MyLink** system, will get you to the breaking waves with ease and help keep your mind clear to concentrate on paddling out past the breaks when you get there.

As you turn a corner en route, you’ll realize how much your Sonic is like your surfboard: slick, sleek and customized to your own needs. Driving it is like riding a wave, a spiritual and sacred event that keeps you grounded and at one with the earth.

Shaper Tim Nolte makes surfboards from bamboo at his Outer Banks, NC shop. Like your Sonic, these boards are built to handle what you dish out—they’re top of the line when it comes to control and responsiveness—and styled to reflect your vibrant personality. Nolte crafts his boards in a plethora of shapes (egg, fish, fun board, gun, tri-fin, quad), sizes (6-12 feet) and colors.

After you’ve played out your local waves, chart a road trip to Mavericks. The famous Northern California surfing spot routinely delivers 25-foot waves (and has been known to bring in 50 footers!). Shoot some video of big wave masters tackling that massive surf and project it on your 7-inch diagonal full-color Chevrolet MyLink** touchscreen.

Oh, and don’t forget to plug your smartphone into the USB*** port so you can crank that playlist you made just for this moment.

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Greg Barbera of DadCentric is a dad blogger, beer magazine editor and the singer/bass player for the punk band Chest Pains. He lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. You can follow him on Twitter @gregeboy, Tumblr, Facebook and Blogger.


*BringGo app must be purchased separately. Requires compatible smartphone. Data plan rates apply. See dealer or call 1-855-4-SUPPORT (1-855-4-787-

7678) for more information.

**MyLink functionality varies by model. Full functionality requires compatible Bluetooth and smartphone, and USB connectivity for some devices. MyLink

on Spark and Sonic does not include functionality such as enhanced voice recognition, Gracenote and CD player.

***Not compatible with all devices.



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