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Chevy MyWay FAQS

What is Chevy MyWay?
Chevy MyWay is a digital showroom that allows you to connect with a Chevrolet product specialist in real-time and experience an intimate first-person view of our newest vehicles, ask questions, then book an appointment with a dealer all from the comfort of your home or office.
Is my tour going to be recorded?
No, your tour will not be recorded.
How do I book a tour?
Please visit and we will make arrangements.
How do I test drive a vehicle?
Following your tour of the showroom, our Product Specialist will be happy to assist you in setting up a time for a test drive with your preferred dealer.
How long are wait times?
Wait times may vary but we strive to keep them to a minimum.
I require special assistance.
Please contact the Chevrolet Customer Care center at 1-800-950-CHEV
Can the agent see me?
No, you will only see the agent and the showroom from their perspective.
I have another question or comment.
Please contact the Chevrolet Customer Care center at 1-800-950-CHEV
Will my information be shared with a third-party?
How long is a tour?
You can end your session whenever you prefer. You are not committed to a pre-determined time.
What are my obligations after a tour?
Following your tour there are no obligations. You can choose to arrange to see a dealer for a test drive, but only if you wish.
By signing up will I end up on a mailing list?
No, unless you choose otherwise, you will not receive additional communications from Chevrolet.
How much does a tour cost?
Your experience with Chevy MyWay is entirely complimentary and free of obligations.
Is Chevy MyWay available to everyone in the United States?
Yes, anyone over 18 in the United States is invited to experience Chevy MyWay.