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The stylish, ultra-efficient Chevrolet Cruze is anything but typical. From its advanced technologies to its sophisticated style, the Cruze is a compact car that delivers in big ways. And now you can add an extra dose of style and performance to your Cruze thanks to a new line of parts, components, and accessories from Chevrolet Performance. Find door sill plates, pedal kits, spoilers, and more to enhance the look and horsepower of your Cruze.

1.4L Turbo Single Exhaust Upgrade System With Polished Tip


Chevrolet Performance Cruze 1.4L Stage Kits are engineered, developed, and tested to exceed your expectations for fit and function. This upgrade for Cruze RS with manual or automatic transmission includes a High-Flow Exhaust System for optimum engine breathing and performance. This low-restriction system and included dealer-installed calibration will provide 10 more hp (up to 148 hp) and a 10% increase in torque (+15 lb-ft).

PART NO. 84152664 / 1.4L Turbo with High-Flow Exhaust System
For 2017 Sedan

MSRP $995


PART NO. 84221603 / 1.4L Turbo Performance Exhaust Hatchback
For 2017 Non-RS Models

MSRP $995


PART NO. 84152660 / 1.4L Turbo Performance Exhaust Hatchback (SHOWN)
For 2017 RS Models

MSRP $995


PART NO. 84350207 / 1.4L Turbo Performance Exhaust Hatchback
With Turn Down Tip For 2017 Non-RS Models

MSRP $995


PART NO. 84350205 / 1.4L Turbo Performance Exhaust Hatchback
With Turn Down Tip For 2017 RS Models

MSRP $995

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