2013 Hot Rod Power Tour

The Hot Rod Power Tour is one of the biggest car cruising events of the year, and from June 1-7, it just may be coming to your home town. Chevrolet Performance has been the primary sponsor of the Hot Rod Power Tour for over ten years, helping to make it the biggest traveling hot rod show in the world. And since we will be leading this massive horsepower parade again for 2013, we are bringing all of the latest high-performance Chevrolet vehicles and parts along with us for you to check out.

  • Hot Rod Power Tour 2

    The show field.

  • Hot Rod Power Tour 3

    The HRPT takes over.

  • Hot Rod Power Tour 4

    Corvettes line the streets.

  • Hot Rod Power Tour 5

    Cruisers show off their hard work.

  • Hot Rod Power Tour 6

    The Chevrolet Performance support vehicle.

  • Cruisers new and old along the route.

    Cruisers new and old along the route.

  • Hot Rod Power Tour 8

    The show field.

  • Hot Rod Power Tour 9

    A stop along the way.


The goal is to bring the pages of Hot Rod Magazine to life, and with thousands of hot rods and crowds as big as 85,000 at some of the stops, it doesn’t disappoint, bringing a massive party to each city. Chevrolet Performance has been deeply involved in every event, setting up one of the largest displays at each stop, leading the entire route alongside the dedicated members of the “long haul gang,” and providing support along the way.

Hot Rod Power Tour Map

  • June 1: Arlington, Texas
  • June 2: Texarkana, Arkansas
  • June 3: Little Rock, Arkansas
  • June 4: Memphis, Tennessee
  • June 5: Birmingham/Hoover, Alabama
  • June 6: Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • June 7: North Concord, North Carolina

The Chevrolet Performance rig will be at each stop to show off the latest high-performance cars, with the most dynamic collection of modern cars it has ever brought to the Hot Rod Power Tour. It will feature some of the coolest modern performance vehicles and classics that Chevrolet Performance has to offer. The 2014 model year will have a strong showing, with a Corvette Stingray Pace Car Edition, Impala, Silverado, and SS in the booth. Accompanying them will be a Corvette 427 Edition, a Camaro ZL1 convertible, and a 2013 Sonic RS. The true stars, though, will be a pair of Hot Wheels® Camaros seen at last year’s SEMA show. Chevrolet Performance will not only be showing off their good looks in the booth during the stops, but also demonstrating their reliability by driving the entire tour.

The display will also feature our latest parts, guaranteed to help you dream up your next big project. Some of the featured parts include LSX454R, ZZ572, and ZZ383 engine displays; a rolling chassis with an LSA Connect & Cruise system installed; and a parts board with critical components like engine controllers and vehicle-specific parts on display.

Of course, there will be lots of giveaways going on at the rig as well. You can pick up the latest Chevrolet Performance catalog, or you can earn yourself a T-shirt by registering for the FUEL newsletter — or since you are already reading this, by having a friend or relative register with you. If you hang out in the booth a little longer, you may also be lucky enough to be randomly chosen to win one of the daily giveaways of merchandise such as premium car care kits, folding chairs, and toolbags. And for those who complete the entire 1,200-mile drive to all seven stops, Chevrolet Performance will reward you with a special recognition award.

The BLOCK team will be at every stop as well, covering the show grounds, and finding the best examples of Chevrolet Performance builds out there. If you see them walking around, be sure to flag them down and show off your car. If they like what they see, your hot rod might just end up as a feature story or Wallpaper Wednesday entry on the site.

  • Hot Rod Power Tour 9

    The Chevrolet Performance rig.

  • Hot Rod Power Tour 10

    The Long Haul Gang on the route.

  • Hot Rod Power Tour 11

    The show field.

  • Hot Rod Power Tour 12

    Cruisers show off their hard work.

  • Hot Rod Power Tour 13

    The show field.

  • Hot Rod Power Tour 14

    The show field.

  • Hot Rod Power Tour 15

    A cruiser joins in on the fun.

  • Hot Rod Power Tour 16

    A pair of Bel-Airs in the field.

  • Hot Rod Power Tour 17

    The Chevrolet Performance rig.

  • Hot Rod Power Tour 18

    The show field.


As we have done since the very beginning, Chevrolet Performance will be bringing the Motor Medic Truck along the route, stopping to provide assistance to cars that break down along the way. Transporting master technicians — the very same that work on Chevrolet Performance’s own project cars — along the route, the Motor Medic Truck provides vital help for those that have encountered technical issues along the way. Such a long cruise can take its toll on project cars, and some will inevitably need parts replaced. The best part is the technicians aren’t brand-cognizant, and will assist with all makes and models.

  • Chevy Performance Motor Medic Truck

    The one and only Chevrolet Performance Motor Medic Truck.

If you need any more reason to get your project out for a drive in early June, and you live anywhere near the route, this is the event you need to make it to. The Hot Rod Power Tour brought to you by Chevrolet Performance is the premier event on the calendar every year, and will give you lifelong memories and friends. And remember, if you do make it out, be sure to stop by our rig; we can’t wait to meet you and hear about your project. It truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we can’t wait to share it with you. We’ll see you June 1 in Arlington. And don’t forget you can always keep up with all that’s going on with our on-site coverage at TheBLOCK.com.

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