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Silverado EV First-Edition RST

You have the power

Preproduction model shown. Actual production model may vary.

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Make it uniquely yours

You’re in the driver seat now, so get comfortable and make Silverado EV truly yours. From customizable infotainment screens and efficiency settings to seating and ambient lighting, Silverado EV is packed with advanced features you can personalize to suit your style.

Program your garage door

Enjoy the convenience of a built-in garage door opener, right from the infotainment screen on your Silverado EV. To get started, you’ll need your opener’s transmitter.

How to program your garage door:
  • Open the Controls app on your infotainment screen. 
  • Choose "See more controls." 
  • Select Universal Remotes and follow the on-screen prompts.

Memory Seats

Find the position that puts you in your comfort zone and set it to memory with the press of a button. Seat adjustment controls are located on the side of the driver seat, similar to other models.

How to program your Memory Seats:
  • Find your preferred driver seat and mirror positions.
  • Select Memory 1, 2 or Exit position. 
  • Press the Set button located on the driver-side door and wait for the two beeps, indicating your custom setting has been saved.


Route planning

With Google built-in, which includes Google Maps, you'll always know if you have enough charge to get to your destination.

Here’s how it works:

  • Open Google Maps on your infotainment screen.
  • In the Search box, enter your destination.
  • Google Maps shows whether you have enough charge to reach that destination and how much charge you’ll have remaining once you arrive.
  • If you don’t have enough charge, Google Maps shows charging stations along the way, which you can automatically add to your route with a simple tap.

Drive Modes

From Off-Road to Tow/Haul and Wide Open Watts, your vehicle comes equipped with five unique drive modes, allowing you to make adjustments based on preferences, weather or driving conditions.

To change Drive Modes:

  • Select the Drive Modes icon on the infotainment screen.
  • Choose between the available modes to activate.

Available modes may include:

  • Normal – For everyday driving.
  • Off-Road – For enhanced control during off-road driving.
  • Tow/Haul – For towing or hauling heavy loads.
  • Wide Open WattsFor additional propulsion torque for maximum acceleration. Use for short durations only.
  • My Mode – Personalize settings for acceleration feel, brake feel, steering, motor sound and other systems.

Customize screens

It’s easy to customize your vehicle’s display appearance to fit your style and show the information that’s most important to you.

How to customize the smart controls on your display screens:

  • To rearrange the app icons for easy access, touch and drag the icon to the desired position.
  • Make a shortcut to the apps you use the most by moving the icons to the Applications Tray at the top of the screen.

Target Charge Level

It’s important to cap your battery charging levels for daily use to help optimize battery health and regenerative braking performance. It’s set to 80% when the vehicle is new but can be increased for longer road trips.  

How to set your Target Charge Level:

  • Access the Target Charge Level page through the Charging app on your infotainment screen.
  • Slide the indicator to the desired charge level.
  • Slide the indicator back to 80% when additional charging is no longer needed.

Accessories that make it personal

Customize your Silverado EV to suit your individual style.

EV safety innovations

Standard Chevy Safety Assist and EV-enabled safety features are set to alert you, when necessary. You can manually control when you want to activate/deactivate certain driver assistance technologies in the settings. Check your Owner’s Manual for detailed information on the safety features equipped on your vehicle.

Forward Collision Alert and Automatic Emergency Braking

Helps you avoid or reduce the severity of a front-end collision with a detected vehicle you’re following.

Following Distance Indicator

Provides you with the following gap time in seconds between your vehicle and a detected vehicle you’re following to help you decide if you’re following too closely.

Front Pedestrian Braking

Helps you avoid or reduce the severity of a front-end collision with a pedestrian it detects directly ahead of you.

Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning

Uses a brief, gentle steering wheel turn to alert you when you may be unintentionally drifting out of detected lane lines, so you can steer to stay safely in your lane.

Driver Assistance Systems

  • Intersection Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Blind Zone Steering Assist
  • Side Bicyclist Alert
  • Rear Cross Traffic Braking
  • OnStar® Guardian App

Standard Chevy Safety Assist

  • Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Front Pedestrian Braking
  • Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning
  • Forward Collision Alert
  • Following Distance Indicator
  • IntelliBeam® Auto High Beams  

Safety or driver assistance features are no substitute for the driver's responsibility to operate the vehicle in a safe manner. The driver should remain attentive to traffic, surroundings and road conditions at all times. Visibility, weather and road conditions may affect feature performance. Read the vehicle Owner’s Manual for more important feature limitations and information.