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Chevrolet Designers And Walt Disney Imagineering Collaborate To Create A Highly Interactive Automotive Design And Drive Experience.

Chevrolet and Disney brought their best creative minds together to “reimagine” Test Track® – an Epcot® attraction that lets guests design their own virtual custom Chevrolet concept vehicle, then hit the track in a high-speed test drive.

"At Chevrolet, the diversity of talent on our team allows us to consistently produce sophisticated, refined and detailed design — but we don't typically design through the eyes of a 12-year-old," Jeff Mylenek, GM design manager of global exhibit and merchandising design, said in a statement. "Working with Walt Disney Imagineering, we were inspired to see our brand story from a more youthful perspective and really opened the parameters on how to approach this design challenge."

The Chevrolet Design Team and Walt Disney Imagineering collaborated heavily on the project, blending story-telling techniques from each other’s world of design. The end result is a first of its kind automotive design attraction where guests experience what it’s like to be a Chevrolet designer, creating their own vision for the future of transportation complete with real cues from actual Chevrolet vehicles.

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After guests have completed designing their custom Chevrolet concept vehicles, they’ll get the chance to test them on the Sim Track, loading digital copies of their vehicles into a test car that carries them through the ride. Exciting hills, hairpin turns, and a 65 mph straightaway are all part of this exhilarating ride. While guests are enjoying the excitement, their custom Chevrolet concept vehicles are being scored on power, capability, responsiveness, and efficiency.

Test Track® Presented by Chevrolet at Epcot® gives guests the opportunity to get a hands-on experience of what it’s like to be a Chevrolet designer. This attraction is an incredible combination of the thrills of a ride mixed with the fun and satisfaction of automotive ideation and design, and it’s all possible thanks to the brilliant collaboration between the Chevrolet Design Team and Walt Disney Imagineering.

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