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Because the first rule of being a trailblazer is making it onto the trail

By Stephanie Georgopulos

Even the most cutting-edge technophiles fall victim to the age-old problem of misplacing their keys. One solution, of course, is for all vehicles to have the technology that the Chevrolet Volt has: not only a key fob and a blue start button, but also a mobile and computer app that lets you lock, unlock and check the charge level.

Until all cars get up to speed with such intuitive offerings, here are some other high-tech devices that will find your keys—and a whole lot more—long before you’ve finished checking your pockets, your garage and your refrigerator for the 50th time (it’s always in the last place you look, right?).


All you need to use Zomm is a keychain and a smartphone. The MyZomm app will find anything you attach the Zomm key fob to—for example, that crucial set of keys you can’t seem to track down in times of dire need. When your keys go AWOL, simply give Zomm a ring from your smartphone. The keychain it’s attached to will activate via Bluetooth, sounding alerts and casting a blue light until you can unearth your keys. As efficient as you are, you’ll have to appreciate that Zomm boasts several other helpful functions—the key fob also turns into a speaker for hands-free talking, and acts as a panic alarm.

Cobra Tag

Like the Zomm, Cobra Tag comes in the form of a key fob and works with your cell phone to locate your lost goods. The fob will begin to beep when the lost item is within a 100-foot range of your phone—when it’s farther than that, the fob will show up on the phone’s GPS. Better yet, Cobra Tag is a two-way street: if you’ve lost your phone (nightmare of nightmares), you can use your keys to locate it.


A Bungee pack includes boomerang-shaped stick-on tags that affix to both your phone and keys. When your property goes missing, whoever finds it can use the information on the tag to notify Bungee. Bungee will then send you a text message and email alerting you that your property has been found, at which point you can arrange for their safe return using secure methods. Bungee acts as a middle man, so giving your contact information to the person who found your keys isn’t necessary.

Stick-n-Find Bluetooth Sticker

This Bluetooth sticker locates keys within a 100-foot area—but if you’re farther away from the item than that, Stick-n-Find will send you a notification when you get within range. It’s sort of like Marco Polo. The virtual leash feature also tells you when you’re about to leave the range of the item (like, if you dropped your keys at a coffee shop). No more wasting time—you’ve got trails to blaze, after all.

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Stephanie Georgopulos is an editor at Thought Catalog. Her work has been featured on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Awl, Gizmodo, The Next Web, Refinery 29 and elsewhere. Email her at or follow her on Twitter @omgstephlol.


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