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Like the 2014 Chevrolet Malibu, these Ice-Scapes that spring haphazardly from nature help us celebrate how truly rich we are.

By Alice Yoo

From frozen waterfalls you can climb to lakes with turquoise-colored ice jutting out of them, the natural wonders of our winter world are created out of imperfections so stunning they appear otherworldly. The aerodynamically stylish 2014 Chevrolet Malibu is the perfect vehicle to take you and your family through all life’s natural wonders—reminding us that we are truly rich.


Huge Icicles at Multnomah Falls, Oregon

At a total height of 620 feet, Multnomah Falls in Oregon is a spectacular sight during any season. But the state’s tallest waterfall and the nation’s second tallest truly comes alive during the winter as the spray forms ice all around it, creating a winter wonderland. The rock facing the falls gets iced over too, making it look like a scene straight out of a storybook. During a particularly cold winter, it’s not uncommon to see the falls themselves freeze into huge icicles.

(Another great frozen waterfall destination is New Hampshire’s Mount Washington Valley, where you can actually go ice climbing. Every year for the past 20 years, both beginners and more advanced climbers have gathered there to experience Ice Fest. 2014 dates: January 31 — February 2.)

Ice Shards in Lake Superior

The largest of the Great Lakes of North America, Lake Superior is a magnificent sight in winter as shards of ice gather along its shoreline. Broken by wind and waves, the glass glistens in the sun. As photographer Jeff Dexheimer describes it, “With winter comes the purest form of land. It is cold, harsh and unforgiving yet filled with beautiful majesty.”

Ice Bubbles in Abraham Lake, Canadian Rockies

Abraham Lake, in Alberta, Canada, is an artificial lake where a peculiar event happens during the cold winter. Gas bubbles get frozen right underneath its surface! Falling leaves sink to the bottom of the water and get decomposed by bacteria, producing methane in the process. When spring arrives, the lake thaws and the bubbles break free, vanishing into the air.

Turquoise Ice Jutting Out of Lake Baikal, Russia

In the southern part of eastern Siberia sits a natural wonder of the world that’s shockingly beautiful in the winter. Lake Baikal, the oldest freshwater lake on Earth, freezes over and a combination of wind, temperature differences, frost and sun causes the ice crust to crack and large ice hummocks to form. These massive blocks of broken ice resemble shards of glass. Transparent turquoise, they jut stunningly out of the frozen lake.

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Alice Yoo is founder and editor-in-chief of My Modern Metropolis a must-visit culture destination where trend-spotters and art enthusiasts connect over creative ideas. After graduating from UCLA and working in advertising for MTV, she started My Modern Met in 2008. Follow her on Twitter @mymodernmet or @aliceyoo.

Photo by Russian photographer Alexey Trofimov (;


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